Fantasy High: Part Thirty-Four

               Atlantis, Nix, Merlin, Blaze, and Veronica waited in Azkedelia's room for the sun to set. The air was tense with hopes and fears and guilt. Veronica was standing out on the balcony. Atlantis got up and walked out to her.
               She put her hands on the invisible railing and leaned forward. "You and Blaze look close."
               Veronica smiled. "It was love at second sight."
               Atlantis smiled. "Second sight? That's a new one."
               "The first time we saw each other, nothing. But when he was passed out on the floor, half dead thanks to Pyro, I immediately fell in love. He did too, when he regained consciousness."
               Atlantis laughed, then grew serious again. "Pyro's dead, you know."
               Veronica nodded. "I know. And good riddance to him."
               "Does Blaze know?"
               Veronica shrugged. "I'm not sure. Maybe."
               Atlantis nodded. "This has been a crazy day."
               Veronica smiled. "I bet. First you find out your real dad wants to kill your sister, then you find out you have an older brother. Sounds pretty crazy to me."
               "I just hope everything is going to turn out okay."
               Veronica put her hand on top of Atlantis' and smiled warmly. "It will. You five will save Az and stop Cambio."
               "Five? You're not coming?"
               Veronica shook her head. "Blaze didn't want me to. He said Cambio would use me against him, and he didn’t want to risk me getting hurt."
               Atlantis nodded. "That makes sense."
               Veronica turned and walked back to the room. "Everything will turn out fine!" she said over her shoulder
               "I hope so," Atlantis muttered as she stared at the sky

               Azkedelia watched the candle until it burned all the way down and went out. Back in the dark, she became aware of a new sound. It sounded like running water, but heavier. A hidden door opened in the ceiling and soaked Azkedelia with a clear liquid, thicker and colder than water. Dripping wet and shivering, she knew the only way to stay warm was to change into the nightmare dress…

The End

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