Fantasy High: Part Thirty-Three

Chapter 24- The Keystone Three Plus Two


               Cambio stepped back from DJ's skeleton. With a wave of his claws, the body disintegrated, leaving a black charred outline on the floor. Cambio changed from dragon to djamphir and turned to Kris.  "Take food to Azkedelia. She must be well fed for me to gain all her powers."
               Kris bowed and walked away with a tray that Cambio made appear in his hands.
               Cambio walked towards the stone slab and patted it lovingly. "Tonight you will see blood again."

               A door soundlessly slid open and Azkedelia shielded her eyes from the first light she'd seen for what seemed like a small eternity.
               Kris walked in and set the tray down in front of her. "Here. Cambio says eat. The food isn't poisoned. And you need to get changed."
               Azkedelia lowered her hand and frowned when she saw him. "You hurting me during class, that was on purpose?"
               He nodded. "Cambio never said to be gentle with you."
               "Kris, why?" she asked softly
               Kris looked away from her accusing stare. "Because he's going to give his followers more power than anyone has ever had before."
               Kris walked away and the door silently slid shut behind him. A candle on the tray glowed in the darkness, the only light Azkedelia still had. She tried to resist the tempting aroma of food, but she hadn't eaten since Cambio had teleported her here, and her stomach won. She ate meat and bread and fruit until she felt sick, then she sat back in the corner and watched the small candle flame burn in a world of darkness.

The End

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