Fantasy High: Part Thirty-Two

               Atlantis had been watching Blaze carefully while he told them how the sacrifice would work. Something about him looked strangely familiar, but she couldn't tell what.
               Blaze looked at her. "Atlantis, Nix, there's something important I need to tell you."
               "What?" Nix asked.
               "Cambio's my dad, too. I'm your half brother."
               Nix and Atlantis were silent.
               "Cambio was with my mom before he met yours. Pyro was already born, and then I came along. Cambio left her as soon as I was born. When Pyro and I started showing signs of our mythical heritage, our mom almost lost her sanity. Then Headmaster DiVanno showed up on our doorstep one day and explained things to her, and offered to take us somewhere safe. That was here. Pyro tries to forget about the human part of himself, but I still go back and visit her sometimes. I'm as much of a 'half-breed' as you guys are."
               "There used to be a picture of you in the attic. It was a picture of you and Cambio. That's why you looked familiar!" Atlantis said.
               "And that's why you came here to help, because you're part of the flames that can stop him," Nix added.
Blaze nodded. "The four of us are the only way to stop him."
               "It's morning. We only have one more day to figure out how this is going to work," Merlin said.
Blaze looked toward the window. "This is going to be the longest day in the world."

The End

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