Fantasy High: Part Thirty-One

               True to Cambio's promise, DJ was wishing for death. One side of his body had been skinned so that glistening white bone showed. Sadly, the pain and blood loss hadn't killed him, Cambio was making sure DJ would stay alive and suffer. DJ lay on the cold floor and closed his eyes. He could hear crying on the other side of the wall. DJ knew the walls to the old classrooms were thin, and he hoped thin enough to have a conversation through.
               "Az? Is that you?"
               There was a pause and a rustle of fabric as she moved closer.
               "Who are you?"
               DJ winced as he propped himself up against the wall. "It's DJ."
               "That's not possible," she said.
               DJ groaned with pain. "Sadly, it is. Cambio gave me a new body, but I didn't make him happy and he's making me suffer. I'm going to die soon, but I want to try and make things right before he finally kills me."
               There was another pause.
               "How do I know you're not lying?" she asked suspiciously.
               "You can't, but I might be able to help you."
               DJ heard Azkedelia lean closer to the wall.
               "Cambio is arrogant, and he brags about everything. He once said that nothing but all four of his children could stop him."
               "Four? But I only have two sisters."
               DJ clenched his teeth as another wave of pain washed over him. "He talked about you having a half brother."
               "But how will we find him in time?"
               "You already have. Your Sulphero, Blaze is your half-brother. Pyro and Blaze only share their mother. You, your sisters and Blaze all have the same dad. Together, all four of you can stop Cambio."
               Azkedelia was silent for a moment. "Does Blaze know?"
               There was another long pause.
               "DJ, do you know what time of day it is?" she asked softly.
               He frowned, knowing she wouldn't want to hear the bad news."It's almost morning."
                              DJ heard her choke out a sob.
"My last day…"
               There were suddenly footsteps walking down the hallway.
               "Az, I'm so sorry for what I've done! They're coming for me, and this time I'm not coming back. Please forgive me!"
               "I forgive you!" Azkedelia whispered.
               DJ leaned against the wall as the door opened.
               Headmaster DiVanno was standing there in a black cloak. "Hello DJ.  Cambio is ready for you."
               DJ slowly and painfully got to his feet. He stood, half skeletal, half djamphir, bones creaking in protest to the unnatural movement. "I'm ready."

The End

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