Fantasy High: Part Thirty

Chapter 23- One More Day


               Atlantis flung open the bedroom door and ran in the room.
               "Atlantis! What took you so long? Never mind that, where were you? Did you find Az?" Nix jumped                up when her sister ran in.
               Atlantis looked from Nix to Merlin. "I have good news and bad news, and neither of you is going to like it. I found where Cambio's lair is, but I didn't see Az. I saw Cambio, and he's definitely our dad. Nix, he's got our face."
               Nix blinked.
               "But you didn't see Az?" Merlin asked anxiously.
               Atlantis shook her head. "Cambio knew who I was and he ordered a djamphir named DJ to kill me, so I teleported back here."
               "DJ? That's not possible, I killed DJ," Merlin said.
               Atlantis shook her head. "Then Cambio must have brought him back, because he tried to kill me."
               Nix opened her mouth as if she was going to say something, but a knock on the door cut her off.               Merlin walked to the door and opened it, revealing Blaze, leaning on a thick wooden cane. Vanessa was standing behind him.
               "Blaze, what happened?"
               Blaze walked into the room and sat down in a chair. Veronica stood behind him.
               "I might be able to shed some light on thus situation. When I first came to this school, I met a pale djamphir with black hair and eyes. He always wore all black. His name is Cambio. Cambio recruited Pyro and me. The day I…walked in on you," he looked at Merlin, "I went to go tell Pyro I was done, and that I wasn't going to take orders from Cambio anymore. Pyro and I fought, and he won. Veronica saved me, and I'm here to help."
               "We're here to help," Veronica gently corrected.
               Merlin looked hard at Blaze. "How do we know that this isn't a trap?"
               Blaze shrugged. "You don't. But Pyro almost killed me, and now I'm here offering my services. You'll need someone that really knows the layout of that cavern and where they'll most likely be holding Az."
               Atlantis stared at Blaze. "He's telling the truth. He's here to help, he's on our side."
               Nix nodded. "I agree with Atlantis."
               Merlin sighed. "Okay. What do you suggest we do?"
               Blaze leaned forward. "Here's how it's going to happen tomorrow night…"

The End

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