Fantasy High: Part Twenty-Nine

Chapter 22- Azkedelia


               Azkedelia sat huddled in a corner in a dark room at the beginning of the corridor that led to Cambio's lair. The black light had teleported her to this small room. It had once been a classroom, but Azkedelia couldn't tell what had taught there at one time. The room had no windows, and the if there was a door, it was melded into the wall. Shadows of chairs and tables stood menacingly in the dark, like sentries guarding her. Azkedelia sat alone in the dark and tried to keep tears from spilling down her cheeks. She looked around the room again, but it was too dark to see more than a few inches in front of her. Azkedelia tried to create a way out, but somehow the room rendered her powers useless. Suddenly, there was a hushed whisper of wind and something pale appeared on the floor in front of her. Azkedelia froze with fear. For several long seconds, she stared at whatever it was, hoping that it wasn't here to hurt her. After a few more painfully long seconds, Azkedelia realized the thing hadn't moved. Slowly, she inched towards it and tapped it with her foot. Nothing happened. She touched it with outstretched fingertips and then quickly jerked her hand back. Still nothing happened. Azkedelia grabbed the thing and found it was a bundle of fabric. She shook it out and saw it was the same white dress with jagged black edging from her nightmares. A sable necklace clinked against the stone floor as it fell. A note fluttered down from the dress. Azkedelia picked it up. The letters began glowing red. This is what you will wear when I come for you.
               Azkedelia screamed and dropped the note. She scrambled back from the note and the dress and huddled against the wall. "Merlin, Nix, Atlantis, someone, come quickly!" she sobbed.

The End

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