Fantasy High: Part Twenty-Six

               Headmaster DiVanno was walking towards the older sections of the school, sections that were abandoned and had been for hundreds of years. Atlantis silently watched from the overgrown bushes as he walked to a door. He looked around over his shoulder once to make sure he wasn't being followed, then walked in. Atlantis quickly morphed back to her normal self and stealthily crept to the pathway.
               "Who are you and what are you doing over here? This part of the building's off limits for students."
               Atlantis whirled around and saw a djamphir with brown hair and green eyes watching her. "I'm not a student here."
               The djamphir smiled and leapt down from the tree trunk he was sitting in and walked towards her. "Funny thing, I'm not either."
               Atlantis got the sense that she had said the right thing to gain his trust, so she smiled and played along.
               "Well you not being a student explains why I haven't seen you around," he said
               Atlantis tilted her head. "I thought you said you weren't a student."
               The djamphir laughed. "I'm not. At least not anymore."
               Atlantis smiled again. "Expelled?"
               "Something along those lines. I've got a friend who'd be interested in seeing you," he said as he held out his hand. "My name's DJ."
               "I'm Zeena," Atlantis lied.
               DJ smiled. "Well Zeena, would you like to meet a friend of mine?"

The End

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