Fantasy High: Part Twenty-Five

"There's no mention of this flaming moon under the waves! We're never going to find it because it doesn't exist!"
               Merlin continued reading as Nix threw another book across the room. It landed against the wall with a loud thump. Nix stood and started pacing around the room.
               "Atlantis was right, we should be looking for Az."
               Merlin looked up as Nix paced in front of the window. He caught a glimpse of a strange mark on her wrist.
               "Nix, what's that on your wrist?"
               She shrugged. "Birthmark."
               "What's it shaped like?"
               "A drop of water, why does it matter? It's not going to help us find Az!"
               Merlin jumped up and ran to Nix. "But it might help save her!" he said excitedly.
               "What do you mean, Merlin?"
               He grabbed her wrist and pointed to the birthmark. "Water. You're a mermaid. Mermaids live in the water."
               "What's your point, Merlin?"
               "How do you not see it? Water. Waves!"
               Nix's blue eyes gleamed as she understood. "I'm water, Atlantis is the moon, and Az is fire! We're the flaming moon under the waves!"
               Merlin nodded excitedly. "Nix, you three are the only thing that can stop Cambio!"

The End

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