Fantasy High: Part Twenty Three

Chapter 20- Searching

               Atlantis paced around the room. "We've got to search every inch of this castle until we find her!"
               Nix looked up from the book she was flipping through. "I know we do, Atlantis, but we can't help Azkedelia until we know more."
               Merlin was sitting on the bed, silently watching the two sisters.
               "Nix, by the time we know enough, Az could be dead! And no matter how much we know, it won't be enough to bring her back from the dead! We need to be out looking for her!"
               Nix slammed the book shut. "And you think I wouldn't rather be doing that? My baby sister is out there somewhere with a power-hungry murderer who's going to stop at nothing till she's dead and he has her powers, and you don't think I'd rather be  out there looking for her?"
               Atlantis turned and faced her sister, her voice slowly morphing into a wulfen growl. "Then let's go look for her! With you sitting here reading, she'll he dead by the time we find her."
               Nix stood up, her voice shaking with anger. "For your information, Atlantis, I'm actually trying to find any mention of the only thing that can stop Cambio, but if you'd rather rush off and go, then go! I'm not stopping you, just trying to save two sisters!"
               Atlantis took a threatening step closer. "Nix, I don't need your protection. I can take care of myself!"
               Merlin looked up. "Both of you, calm down and shut up! Fighting isn't going to help Az. Working together will."
               Atlantis gave Merlin an icy golden glare. "Then what do you suggest?" she hissed between clenched teeth.
               Merlin stood up and walked towards them. "I suggest that Nix and I stay here and try to find anything about the flaming moon under the waves. And since you're so eager to go, then you go look for Az. But if you find where Cambio is keeping her, then don't let yourself be seen, just come back here and tell us where she is. We'll be better prepared to rescue her if we know the layout of where he's keeping her."
               Atlantis flicked her wrist and the French doors flew open. She turned and ran out the door and vaulted off the balcony. Merlin ran to the edge and looked over. Atlantis morphed into a copper-gold wulfen and sprinted towards the back of the school.  Merlin walked back into the room and shut the ornately doors.
               "She blames herself," Nix said as she turned a page.
               "Blames herself for what?" Merlin asked as he took off the flame pin and looked at it.
               "For Az disappearing. She thinks if she had gotten here faster, then she could've saved her."
               Merlin shook his head. "It wouldn't have made a difference."
               Nix sighed and looked up. "I know that, but Atlantis still blames herself."
               Merlin continued staring at the flame pin.
               "We'll get her back, Merlin," Nix said gently
               He looked up from the pin. "But what if we don't? What if we don't find her in time and Cambio kills her?"
               Nix stood up and put her hand on Merlin's shoulder. "Atlantis is a good tracker, she'll find out where Cambio's keeping her. The only thing we can do to help Az is trying to find out what the flaming moon beneath the waves is."
               Merlin sighed and closed his hand over the pin. "You're right," he said as he sat down and grabbed a book.

The End

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