Fantasy High: Part Twenty-Two

               The real Merlin and Nix had been trying to open the door after Pyro shut it with magic. A growl shook the building and Merlin pushed Nix away from a falling chandelier.
               "What was that?" Merlin asked after it stopped.
               "Cambio," Nix said.
               Pyro's scream cut through the thick door.
               "What's going on in there?" Merlin asked as he tried to magically open the door. The heavy door refused to open.
               Atlantis appeared in a flash of gold-black light. "What is going on?"
               "We don't know! The door won't open and Az…"
               Atlantis looked away from Nix and at the door. She clapped her hands over her head and vanished. Atlantis stood in Azkedelia's room. She heard Cambio's deep, raspy voice as she turned around.
                "I think you are too much of a risk to be far away from me, daughter. I think you shall stay with me."
               "Azkedelia!" she screamed as she ran to her sister.
               "Atlantis! Save me!" Azkedelia screamed as she vanished in black light.
               Atlantis fell to the ground where her sister had just been standing. "Bring her back, you bastard! What have you done with my sister?"
               All that answered Atlantis was Cambio's chilling laughter. His laughter faded away and the door magically unlocked and swung open. Merlin and Nix ran in.
               "Atlantis, where is she?"
               Atlantis stared at the spot where Azkedelia had vanished, her eyes glowing gold. "To wherever Cambio is. And father or not, that bastard's going to die," she said, her voice icy with anger.

The End

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