Fantasy High

A young shape-shifter named Azkedelia Keystone is the first in her family to attend a boarding school for all mythical/magical creatures. At first, it's an average high school life, until she's forced to fight a phoenix and there are attempts on her life. Along with her boyfriend, Merlin, and other friends, Azkedelia finds out who wants her dead and dark secrets about her family. But there's also a time limit...and if she can't figure it out before the lunar eclipse, then it's good bye to Azkede

Azkedelia squared her shoulders and looked at the tall, imposing building that would be her home and school for the next ten months. The building looked like a medieval palace, a stone leviathan that sprawled across acres and acres of land. Giant grey spires soared into the sky, black pennants displaying a compass of the four elements snapping in the breeze.

            She looked at the other students around her, either carrying luggage in or standing in groups, saying farewell to family members. With a sigh, she shouldered her black duffle bag and readjusted her grip on the handle of her matching suitcase. How on earth was she going to get her heavy bags up those steep stone steps?

            “Come on, Az,” she said to herself.

            “Need some help?” a voice asked.

            She jumped and whirled around. The voice belonged to a boy around her height, with wavy brown hair and chartreuse green eyes. His eyes danced with amusement as he watched her with interest, and he smiled, revealing pointed teeth.

            “You’re a vampire,” she said bluntly, voice awed.

            “Nothing gets past you, does it?” he asked with a laugh. “But yes, I’m an undead blood sucker. Name’s DJ.” DJ offered his hand.

            “I’m Azkedelia, but you can call me Az,” she replied with a warm smile as she shook his hand.

            “I was subtly offering to take your bags, but awkward human greetings are fine as well,” he said, voice tinged with amusement.

            She blushed. “Oh,” she said, quickly handing him the handle of her suitcase. There was a blur of motion and color and DJ was suddenly standing at the top of the stairs.

            DJ laughed again, his eyes brightening in the sunlight. “You coming?”

            Azkedelia smiled and started walking up the stairs. “You’re too fast.”

            He returned her smile when she finally made it to the top. “So what are you?” he asked, nonchalantly spinning her suitcase around a small cluster of students.

            “I’m sorry?” she asked in confusion, looking up at the vaulted stone entryway.

            “This is a boarding school for ‘creatures of magic,’” he explained. “So what are you?”

            She tucked an amethyst curl behind a pointed ear. “I’m a bunch of things. Part phoenix, fey, mermaid, vampire, and werewolf.”

            “So you’re another one of those with a messed up family tree.” He gave her a sideways glance. “You’re one of those sisters, aren’t you?”

            “You caught me,” she replied, holding her hands up in mock surrender. “I’m the youngest of the Keystone triplets.”

            “So are your sisters already here? I thought you three did everything together,” he asked, standing in a line of students.

            Azkedelia shook her head. “We’re doing things differently this year. Atlantis wanted to focus on her artwork, so she’s at some fancy art school in Venice, and Nix wanted to learn more about humans and how to blend in with them, especially since she’s the closest to them.”

            “She’s the mermaid, right?” he asked.

            She nodded. “Nix is dominant mermaid, Atlantis is dominant werewolf and vampire, and I’m dominant phoenix and fey.”

            “So out of all the other magic schools around the world, why Fantasy High?” he asked, leaning over her suitcase, chin resting in one hand.

            “I chose Mitikoa Academy because out of the three of us, it’s the hardest for me to blend with humans,” she replied, using the proper school name. “And this is the world that I belong in. I want to learn all that I can. The human world holds no interest for me.”

            “Is that why you dyed your hair purple?” DJ asked, pointed to the curls in question.        

            “My hair turns purple when I’m in fey form, and usually stays that way until a few weeks after the shift,” she explained. “My hair turns more gold when I’ve changed between human and phoenix.”

            “And when you’re just human?” he asked.

            “Red. Like my mom’s,” she replied, twirling a curl around her finger.

            “And when you’re a mermaid, werewolf, and vampire?” he asked with a grin.

            She smiled and looked down at the ivory marble floor. “I don’t know. I guess it’s because only the creatures of the air chose me, but I’ve never been able to successfully transform into anything else. I probably could, though, if I really tried.”

            “That’s really cool,” he said, regarding her with interest again. “I can’t even imagine being two different creatures, let alone five. Sometimes it’s hard enough being a pure-blooded vampire.”

            “Pure-blooded vampire?” she asked.

            “A vampire directly drained and sired from any of the Transylvania lines, like the Dracula line,” a woman answered, flipping her steel-blue hair over her shoulder and adjusting her large glasses. “I’m Donia, your mythicara. Your RA,” she added, seeing Azkedelia’s look of confusion.

            “You’re in room two-sixteen. And no boys allowed upstairs,” Donia said, pointedly looking at DJ.

            “I can’t even help her carry her bags upstairs?” he protested.

            Donia snapped her fingers. “Her bags are in her room. Now go bother someone else. Azkedelia’s out of your league, anyway.”

            Azkedelia turned her laugh into a cough as DJ glared at her.

            “Oh calm down, skirt chaser,” Donia snapped with a roll of her lapis eyes. “I’m sure you’ll see her at the welcoming bonfire tonight.”

            “There’s a bonfire tonight?” Azkedelia asked excitedly.

            Donia nodded and marked something on her clipboard. “Second floor, turn left. Third door on the right. You’re holding up my line,” she said, although not unkindly.

            Azkedelia blushed and stepped away from the growing crowd. She turned to thank DJ, but he was gone. With a shrug, she readjusted her duffle bag strap and climbed up the marble steps.


The End

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