Fantasy at St Levans

A family move to a new home after the loss of their father/husband and explore the surrounding area. Kitty's imagination helps adventures happen to the children, and they soon find they are in a world with things they had only dreamed about.

The spindly twigs of the trees blended in with the darkening storm clouds over St Levan Bay. Along the cliff path came a car, its occupants staring out over the stormy water in trepidation.

A gas explosion had left the Johnson family without a home or a father. Now, three months later, their mother had moved them from their grandmother’s house in Brixton to the quiet cliffs of Cornwall, ignoring the complaints of her three children.

Nina Johnson, the eldest of the three stared glumly at the grey waves as the car drove along. She had refused point blank to move to such a hidden little place, she pointed out that she had no where to shop and that she would miss her friends too much. Her mother had been unsympathetic and said she could make new friends, and do her shopping over the internet, with restrictions, so she would be fine.

Tom Johnson, the middle child had little to say on the matter, or any matter, since his father had died. Generally he communicated in nods and shakes of the head, and hadn’t spoken a word since the news of his father’s death.

Kitty Johnson, the youngest at six years old was the only one beside her mother at moving to a different place. Although deeply upset at the death of her beloved father, as a young child with an imagination Kitty imagined her father with angels watching down on her, and was very happy at the prospect of moving to a place she could explore and play in without the steely gaze of her grandmother staring at the ‘dirty young thing that doesn’t know where her hands have been’. So Kitty stared at the ocean and instead of grey waves she saw mermaids swimming along in clear blue waters, and shivered at the anticipation of exploration of beaches and caves.

The car pulled up alongside a beautiful little cottage on the cliff top. Less than a mile behind it the family could see a little town in which they hoped to make friends. All three of the children got out of the car to stare at the ocean once again, while their mother went to unlock the door of the little cottage.

“Come on you three. Come and explore your new home!”

The End

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