Hogadogacrocapig - This strange creature has been sitting in my head for ages, and I thought it might like to come and say hello. A cross between a hog, dog, crocodile and a pig. It has a long body of a crocodile, trotters of a pig, tusks from a hog, and fur all over from a dog. It varies in colour. It could be brown, green, pink or grey. It's also a name for someone you don't like .


Hogga walked unsteadily  around on his trotters, swishing his long tail behind him. Since he had only just been born, Hogga, climbed up onto a human's shoulder, and sat there. The human loved Hogga, and Hogga loved the human. They went everywhere together. One day, an ugly, horrible human bullied the human Hogga loved so much. It went on and on and on, til the human turned round, and said, "You're such a Hogadogcrocapig!" Hogga jumped from his mistresses shoulder, grew to the same size as a normal crocodile, and gobbled up the bully.  Hogga shrunk, and climbed back onto his misstress's shoulder. She tickled his head, and they walked away together.






The End

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