Blurgle: A small creature appearing to be made entirely of fluff. About six inches high at tallest, six centrimetres at smallest, they have three genders: male, female, and 'other'. The latter is extremely rare, however. Blurgle gets its name from the noise they make when lost for words, though of course they can speak. They are frequently orange, green, blue or purple in colour, but they come in all hues. The king and queen are gold and silver respectively.

Ella got up.

"Blurgle," she muttered, hardly daring to believe her eyes. In the middle of the floor was an enormous pile of presents.

"It is your birthday, don't forget," her mother reminded her. Ella ripped open the presents in delight.

After a breakfast of sausages, eggs, hash browns and spaghetti hoops (someone had taken all the baked beans from the supermarket), Ella headed off to school. She saw one of her friends, easily recognisable for her acid-green fluff and height of a whole five inches. Ella was only three inches herself, with pure white fluff. This was rare, and she treasure that fact.

"Ella! Happy Birthday!" called Cathy, her tall friend.

The End

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