Whojawhatjamacallitthingy: A completely nonsensical name that I thought up to go with this wierdest of wierd creations. This creature resembles a large flat-faced lizard with a pair of big black bat wings, bright green fur with orange and purple spots, six eyes that change colour according to it's mood, the back legs of a kangaroo and the front of a falcon but without the talons and with fingers in their place. It also has only three teeth, one on the top and two on the bottom.

It dines soley on baked beans and french toast.


Whojawhatjamacallitthingy, or Whoja for short, ambled casually along the aisles of Woolworths supermarket. She was hunting for her daily can of baked beans to go with her french toast, and was having very little luck in finding them.

If only the shop assistant hadn't run aways screaming when she'd asked for help, then maybe she could have found it by now. Ah well, she'd get there eventually.

After a further ten minutes of searching, Whoja finally found what she was looking for and, holding the six-pack of cans in her fingers, flew out of the nearest window towards her home in the bog at the edge of town. Crawling in through the hole at the base of a large tree, Whoja curled up on her bed of twigs and broken glass and tore the lid of the can and started eating.

Baked beans. Absolute bliss.

The End

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