Turtalor: The cross between an aligator and a turtle. Has the head and legs of an aligator but with the much softer scales of a turtle. Has an unbreakable shell and a long tail which unlike it's head and legs has very thick scales and does not retract into it's shell. From far away it came look like a very large rock.

Jim the Turtalor waited until the de-onkey (deer/donkey) was close enough to touch then sprung out his head and swallowed it whole.

While Jim waited for his next meal to walk by his pond, something caught his attention. A small white, circular object had plopped into the water close to him. A few of those annoying humans were walking over with oddly shaped sticks prodding the tall grass around his pond.

Jim poked his head out as one human picked up the white object with a longer stick then what the others were carrying.

He looked at the growing pile of these objects in his pond and decided that he needed to find a new dwelling...

The End

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