Evets: It is a tiny, tiny forest creature. It has soft and fluffy ears and a matching tail. It doesn't really resemble anything on earth but I would say it was closest to a fox in stance and physique. It is equip with a long anteater-like tounge which it uses to suck the insides from strawberrys (it's favorite food.) It's name is Steve backwards, as this is the name of the particular specimen this story follows...


As the sun broke through the auburn leaves it imediatly warmed the little Evets's body. Steve the Evets woke from his deep slumber. He was hungry. His first reaction was to roll off of the clover leaf he had been sleeping on and search for some yummy berrys!

He leapt through all of the fallen leaves in search of his meal. As he went he encountered a massive creature! It was huge, had long whiskersand made a terrifying squeak! Steve ran underneath a nearby leaf and hid until the creature had gone.

After he emerged he was hungrier still, and continued onwards until he found what he was looking for... A low hanging strawberry bush! He took a mammoth leap and he stuck his furry paws into the red flesh. Sticking his toungue into the berry he spent the rest of the day sucking out the sweet, sweet insides. That night, once he was finished with his strawberry, he fell returned to his clover, to repeat the process tomorrow.

The End

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