Fantastical Creatures of Our Minds

Make up a ridiculous odd, fantasy creature that will clearly never happen. Tell a story about them or a day in the life of them. Remember, make the creature odd, but the action normal for us. Make it however long or short you'd like. :)

In the beginning, tell us how the "creature" got their name.

(Sadly, this is what I come up with in the wee hours of the morning.)

Chenoco: This is a four-way cross between a cat, dog, bird, and pig. Its name, Chenoco, was simple to come up with. In French, chat = cat (ch), chien=dog (en), oisseau=bird (o), cochon =pig (co).(I originally came up with the name in French class, so this isn't really a 'new' name.)


Chenoco rolled over in the mud and chirped signalling that it was now morning. Morning meant the paperboy and mailman were sure to come soon. Chenoco stretched his hooves out in front of him, and immediately began cleaning himself with his long, scratchy tongue.

Just like clockwork, the mailman came first. The large truck stopped on the street corner, and Chenoco wanted to chase the mailman, like any proper dog would do. However, the cat in Chenoco wanted to go back to sleep; it was a nice dream. The bird in Chenoco was startled and it was a matter of fight or flight; this bird wanted to flee in the tallest tree. The pig in him wanted to roll back over in the mud to ward off the millions of mosquitos in attack mode.

What Chenoco actually did was run, pause, roll over, run, jump in the air, landed, and promply fell asleep on the soft grass, leaving the postman unscathed- today.


The End

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