Wizards Apprentice

Whilheim Oakstaff the Bold watched Darn plummet to the earth. A slight gesture and a quiet murmer was all that would give away his spell. Darn crashed with a solid thud and wailed in pain, as the old wizard chuckled. He'd lost site of the heaven sent apprentice before the crash and was not of a mind to rush out to his aid.

  "Children these days" he chuckled to himself closing the tower door behind him and returning to his studies.

Darn wailed his head ached and his ankle was badly twisted. Still after all that he was alive. This struck Darn as odd however he quickly moved on to the more presing matter of exactly how to untangle himself from the flying device and the bush he had so unwittingly flown into.

It took a while for Darn to escape the clutches of his mechanical marvel and he had only done so with te help of the local blacksmith boy and the cooper's son. Still he had flown, technically. With some work he could enhance the strength of the wing's and if he activated the mechanisme earlier it might not suffer such a great force... Darn's face glowed red. Sitting on a nearby Hay Bale Cindy wacthed him with interest. She was a red headed girl with a bright face and a pleasant smile. She worked with her father the local miller and was often found join in boyish activities. unforunately for Darn he was somewhat absent minded at the best of times. With Cuindy around things were seemingly worse.

    "Hi Darn, how'd that flying machine work out for yer ?" She spoke with the same accent her father had. It wasn't that they weren't locals. Her father had simply said it was tradition. Darn coughed then tripped on his own foot falling headliong into his contraption.

    "Well it... maybe... ahhh... Hi Cindy." Darn pulled himself from the wreckage  a piece of twine wrapped around his head and a spring stuck in the colar fo his rough tunic.

    "Well better luck next time aye !" She giggled and jumped of the fence running out of Darn's view. Darn sighed and began trudging towards the tower. It wasn't his first choice to be the Wizards apprentice, realisticly it wasn't really his choice at all.

The End

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