Fantastic Fantastic

Darn is a young Wizards apprentice seeking glory and fame via mechanical contraptions his skills as a Wizard are somewhat limited. Some would say 'as are his skills with contraptions'.

Darn lept from the tower, screaming with abandon as the wind swept around him whipping at his face and thrashing his hair. Below him the world spread out like some distant sky of green, streaks of yellow clouds, untilled fields and people hurrying about there everyday seemed as birds flitting about this new sky with a seemingly bizare purpse. Scream's turned to laughter as Darn felt his tunic slip from his torso it flailed out behind him like some mystical cape. Perhaps this is how a bird feel's the first time it leeps from the nest.

With a deft flick of his arm's Darn engaged the mechanical wings, clicking and whiring seemed audible above the sound of rushing wind, for a moment fear settled in Darn's chest. Without warning great wing's of wood and plaster spread out from Darn's mechanical backback, the birds working in the field stopped and watched in amazement there brief lives suddenly enlightened by the brilliance of a truly inspirational soul. Or so it would have been had Darn's marvelous contraption worked. As it was the wing's spread only half way and the rushing wind began to sunder the plastered wood from it's chasis. Laughter turned to screams as Darn began to spiral in an insanely steep decline to certain death.

The End

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