You, I want you

collections of daydreams and fantasies

I kicked him in a teasing fashion. "So what is your ideal girl?" I asked coyly. Knowing that he'd probably answer in teasing terms about a girl who looked like Megan Fox or Karen Gillian. As boys do when they hide the truth. 

He looked at the floor. Breathed in and looked up. "Short" I snorted, yeah right. He'd only ever dated tall girls. "An interesting personality, beautiful. So beautiful in the sense you don't get tired of looking. Always something new to explore. Friends and yet more. Someone to go on adventures with. Grow old and you still explore them. They're a mystery, but you don't cage this mystery, you let it bloom like a flower. Someone who will sleep under the stars, explore the beach. My best friend and my partner." 

I couldn't hear anymore, tears were choking me and I wished I was this girl. "Whoever they are, they'll be very lucky." I mumbled before I got up and started walking out. I heard him stand up and next thing he'd grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. Holding me tight he whispered into my ear, "It's you, you're my ideal. You're my best friend and I want you." With that he kissed me.

The End

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