Fantandein (solo version)

My solo version of the world which I created.

Something stirred in the wind, a whisper that brushed through the sails of ships docked at Trephin Port, and flew against the waves as they crashed to shore. To those who heard, it sounded like the wind whispered 'Destiny' as it danced softly past their ears, and talked to the waves in an elemental conversation.

Carriages lined the enterance to Hava Castle, while men and women dressed in their finest congregated in the main hall, awaiting the arrival of their hosts. Far above them, standing on the balcony that led to his room, Prince Destran watched. His blue eyes told of a sorrow, masked by a trained indifference in the muscles of his face.

Destran turned from his balcony and went inside his room. His waistcoat lay on his bed, and he picked it up, heading to the mirror as he put it on. Once there, he peered at his reflection. Bright blue eyes, and dark raven hair were the main features in his tanned face. A strong chiselled nose, a small scar between his brows, and a strong jaw were the others. In a moment he would have to descend the stairs and meet with his parents' guests, all of whom were there for his birthday.

His eighteenth birthday. Destran had been dreading this day for some time now, but not because he was scared of the future. He only feared that he would be a disappointment, to his family, and his future kingdom.

Right on cue, his father stepped through his open door.

"Son, are you ready?"

Destran bowed to his father.

"Of course father."

"My boy," He said affectionately, grasping his arm, "I am proud of you, my son."

With that his father left, his royal red cloak billowing behind him. Destran sighed, took one more glance out to the ocean through his window, and followed his father.

Today was the first day of the rest of his life.

The End

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