Come Swiftly, O DeathMature

I was too late.

I had run until my hands and feet had bled. When I found his crumpled body on the sidewalk, I half hoped that I was dreaming still - that this was merely another vision from the Lioness and that I could still save him.

"No," I whispered, my voice fading into nothingness.

Nathan was still. Too still. I stood on my hind legs and crept towards him.

His eyes were glassy, his chest red as crimson. I opened my mouth and sang my despair as only a cat could.

People shouted for silence from windows, cars honked at me as they passed. No one cared that a dead boy lay on the sidewalk, his life-blood pooled beneath him.

The only one that cared was gone. The flower of rage bloomed red in my heart, as red as the blood that stained the ground.

"Turn around,"

I whipped around as the bullets struck my abdomen and killed what had begun there. The murderer murdered his own and covered his tracks. I fell beside Nathan and the night consumed me.

I cried until my voice was hoarse.

Nightmare stayed there for a minute or two before walking away, pulling the dark hood over his head. He had broken my hopes and dreams - but he cannot take away my soul.

Come swiftly, o' death, be my guide so that my enemies will fall before me and weep as I have wept. Let them feel my pain.

This ends now.


 {Thank you for reading 'Fang'. Her story will soon continue...}

The End

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