Spirit WalkMature

After trembling in the cold for the better half of two hours, I finally succumbed to a deep sleep.

In the black, murky haze of my mind, the blue eyes of the lioness appeared. They blinked twice long and slow as the rest of her form emerged.

I found that I could not see my own body, but I could speak, see and hear well enough to communicate with the lioness.


Little one…. You cannot change fate. Her voice was deep and thick, almost song like.


“Then why did you show me what he was going to do to Nathan?” I snapped, attempting to slide out claws that no longer existed.


Because, I knew what would happen if you had attempted to avert it. I was trying to warn you, but you fled to his aid. Then, it was too late. Too late! Far too late.  She shook her head back and forth as though trying to rid herself of a bothersome fly.


“What happens now?” My voice was cold, hard, without emotion.


I think we both know, Fang



There was a spark of life stirring deep inside. It pulled itself into existence, forming from the supplies that it had been given. Securing itself to the flesh before it, it began to grow. It would grow, slowly, until it was large enough to sustain life outside its soft, warm, dark cell. Then it would be released. Then it would be born.


It was early morning. The sun was just barely rising over the skyscrapers in the distance. I glanced at them, marvelling for a fraction of a second at their shining man-made beauty.

I had to tell him.

I turned to the door in front of me. I had assumed this is where Nathan lived - his scent was strong in the area.

Raising my hand, I rapped my knuckles on the smooth white surface of the apartment complex door.

A woman with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth opened the door, "What? Whatdyawant?" She barked, her eyes squinting at me through thick round lenses.

"Does Nathan live here?" It ocurred to me that I didn't know his last name.

I refrained from coughing as she released a cloud of ashy breath, "Yep. Friend of his?"

I nodded.

"Well learn to use the buzzer next time before you go banging on doors," She growled, ushering me in with a motion of her hand.

I frowned, wondering what a buzzer was before following the old woman inside.

The complex was dirty, grungy and old. Much like the woman I thought to myself.

She led me up the stairs to a door that had a number three on it.

"This is where I leave ya," She grumbled, proceeding back down the way we'd come.

I knocked on the door before me.

A familiar face greeted me - Nathan.

"Fang?" He asked incredulously. I flung myself into his arms and sobbed, as I had done the night before. 

He gently pushed me away, scanning my eyes with his dark green ones, "What's wrong?"

"May I come in?" I countered.

He nodded, stepping aside to allow me entry.

The room was not as dirty as the rest of the building, although old. There was no sign of any occupants, for the moment, other than Nathan. The walls were a dark brown, the carpet a matching light brown. The furniture was bleak looking and grey. An overhead fan slowly turned, stirring the muggy atmosphere that swamped the room and the rest of the building.

"Here," He led me to a couch and sat me down.

Sitting next to me, he asked me again what was wrong.

I shook my head, bewildered. This would take a while to explain.

"I...I was - hurt last night. By an old friend of mine. He's now my enemy,"

Nathan nodded knowingly. He knew I was referring to the hooded creature that had attempted to kill him.

"Nathan. He hurt me," I stressed the word, praying he would understand. I wrapped my arms around my stomach for added effect. His eyes trailed over my face then down to where I had placed my arms and hands.

He leaped to his feet, anger burning in his eyes, "I'll kill him! I'll kill the son of a -"

I grabbed his hand - the one that had formed a fist. His rage died down and he sat next to me once more.

I curled myself against him, "There's nothing we can do," I whispered, rubbing my face against his.
Nathan relaxed and held me close, "Oh yes there is," He whispered back, kissing my forehead.

I hoped he didn't mean going after Nightmare for revenge.

The End

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