A Second ChanceMature

Nightmare flipped his hood back as he entered the chamber.

"Welcome home," His master told him, smiling a cruel smile with his wicked, long teeth. The creature's lisp was getting better as he adjusted to his new form.

Nightmare knelt before the throne built of scrap metal and bones, blood stained with the king's last meal.

"What news do you bring me?" The King motioned for Nightmare to stand. He did so.

"Not good, my lord," He muttered, finding a spot on the wall to stare at. This would be difficult to tell his leader.

The King made a noise in his throat, threatening and deep. Nightmare shivered reflexively.

"Fang escaped. I was going to bring her back here but -"

His master rose to his feet, "How dare you!"

Nightmare could do nothing more than shiver and wait for his punishment.

"I give you one simple task and this is how you repay me? You are the greatest assasin our world has ever known!" The King roared in anger.

"Allow me one last chance," Nightmare begged, shifting his eyes to the dark green irises of the King.

The creature paused. Blood vessels that ran along either side of his head pulsed thick purple blood. In his anger, one had burst. The liquid dripped down his jaw and splashed to the floor of the cavern.

"A second chance," The King murmured.

Nightmare nodded furiously, "Yes, yes my lord. That is all I ask,"

After a long hesitant moment, the King finally agreed to his proposal, "If you fail me again, I will have your head on a silver platter,"

Nightmare, happy to have escaped alive, darted down the tunnel and out of sight.

The King wiped the blood from his face, scowling at the purple concoction.

He tilted his head upwards, imagining that he could see up into the city above,

"You can not run forever, Angela,"

The End

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