Only the MoonMature

Nathan whistled to himself softly, taking his time on his journey home. His heart was overflowing, bursting at the seams. He finally had the nerve to tell Fang his feelings for her. He gave a cry of sheer joy and began to run, letting the wind whip his black bangs back from his face. Exhaustion set in, and he had to stop. Panting, laughing hysterically, he leaned against a brick wall and tried to catch his breath.

"Nathaniel," A voice hissed.

Nathan jumped, his hand diving in his back pocket for his knife. Before him stood a cloaked figure, a blue snout protruding from beneath the hood.

"NO!" A tawny shape hurled itself into the figure, knocking it against the wall. It was Fang.

The figure flipped his hood back, revealing himself. He appeared to have a wolfish head, blue in color, with stunning blue eyes and a white mane that disappeared into his cloak. His ears were laid flat against his head. Fang had buried her claws into the creature's chest, her whole body weight pressing him against the wall.

"Fang - " Nathan began.

"Go!" Fang roared without breaking eye contact with the creature.

Nathan did as he was told and ran the other way. His face burned with shame. Such a coward.

Fang pressed Nightmare against the wall. She found satisfaction as blood trickled down the black fabric where her claws were.

"Don't do this," Nightmare begged, trying desperately to push her away.

Fang let him fall to the ground, backing away.

"Why shouldn't I? I knew what you were going to do," She growled, slicing a hand across his face.

Nightmare reached up to touch the fresh cuts, stunned at her act of violence.

"But how could you know?" He murmured, examining the blood on his chest.

Fang replied by launching herself into his gut, tearing into his flesh. Her mouth found his neck. Just as her fangs were about to sink into his jugular vein, she stopped. She could feel its rapid pulse beneath her tongue.

Nightmare slid his mouth downwards to meet hers. Disgusted, she pulled away. Nightmare sprang.

Fang screamed in agony as he dug his own claws into her forearms. He turned her around and pressed her against the wall. His cloak fluttered to the ground. She tried desperately to escape, but it was to no avail.


I ran. I ran until the pads of my feet bled. I ran until night turned to day, and still I ran. I didn't know where to go. I couldn't go home to the warehouse - Nightmare would surely be waiting for me. I almost didn't believe what he had done to me had really happened. It couldn't be true. What happened to my mentor, my teacher? Who was this monster who had -? I didn't finish the thought. I couldn't, it was too much to bear.

I found an alley and curled up on my side. I wept till I could weep no more. 

The only one who saw, who knew, was the moon who had watched as he hurt me.

Only the moon.

The End

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