The VisionMature

Nightmare watched from his perc h atop a building which overlooked the zoo. From the street below, one might mistake him for a gargoyle, carved of stone. The sharp November wind tugged at his cloak. A clawed blue hand reached out to hold it shut. Nightmare shivered as Fang and Nathan exchanged a tender kiss, parting ways.

His eyes burned with fury, his lips curling back into a snarl. This human boy had disrupted the relationship he had hoped to build with Fang. A far off siren broke the unearthly quiet, wailing like a banshee. The dark figure swept down the building like a falcon descending upon it’s prey. Nathan did not suspect his attacker. Like a mouse in the brush, he paused at the sound of Nightmare’s cloak catching the wind.

Nightmare extended his claws.

Nathan knew no more.



I slept soundly that night upon the floor of the warehouse. I dreamt of being human and staying with Nathan for all eternity beneath a sky bluer than the deepest sea. Visions of wildcats, big and small, ran like phantoms in the corners of my mind. One, a large lioness, would stop and stare at me for a few moments with big blue eyes before running off again. My dreams usually consisted of four colors, black, grey, white, and blue. I kept trying to keep up with the lioness but she would run off into the distance only to dissipate into a cloud of smoke. Nathan’s voice called me back, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I struggled to make it out.


My eyes sprang open. I heard his cries echoing through the night. I could feel his pain as claws ripped through his tender human flesh. My heart thudded against my ribcage, dying to be free. I stood, fell to all fours, and ran. The world blurred around me into black and white. Flashes of crimson drifted over my mind’s eye. All I could think of was Nathan. Was he hurt? In trouble? Attacked?

His cries grew louder. I slowed and observed my surroundings. I was near the zoo. I stopped when my forepaw fell in a puddle of something warm and wet.

My heart stopped beating. I closed my eyes and lifted my hand, almost afraid to look. It was a puddle of rainwater. I laughed at my stupidity and continued onwards into the night. One last cry reached my ears.


And it was not Nathan’s.

I skidded to a halt, sliding slightly through the water. When had it rained? How had I not been awakened by the endless drone of raindrops falling upon the warehouse roof?

I stood and turned towards the sound of Nightmare’s voice. In the alley to my left, a dark figure held his claws to Nathan’s neck. Nathan struggled against him. A stream of scarlet trickled down his shirt.

“Hello my dear,” Nightmare hissed.

Nathan flung out a hand, reaching towards me in desperation. There was nothing I could do. Nathan’s scream was lost to the howling winds as Nightmare ripped his hand across his neck.


I awoke in a cold sweat. It had been a dream, only a dream. I sighed and rested my cheek against the cool pavement beneath me.

I still smelled blood. I bolted upright. Before me stood a semblance of the lioness, her kind blue eyes weeping crystal tears.

A vision had been granted to me. A vision of what was to come.

Or what had already been…..

The End

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