Behold, your KingMature

Gnarled, grey and withered hands gripped the ancient microphone stand. It was old, extremely old. The kind you might see in a radio station in the nineteen thirties. A single long fingernail tapped the mic. Echoing booms rang throughout the cavern. A thousand eyes turned towards the hooded figure.

Nightmare shifted, uncomfortable, at the right hand of his leader.

The shrouded creature cleared his throat, "My dear brothers and sisters, sons and daughters,"

A meta-human in the crowd below lifted his daughter onto his shoulders so that she could see the speaker more clearly.

"We live in troubled times. In a world where our kind is hated and rejected and almost extinct, we have risen once more by the hand of science,"

A cheer rose from the gathered scientific experiments, fists, paws and claws waving in the air.

The figure grinned, exposing elongated teeth set into a gaunt jaw. "Now, we must exterminate the infestation upon this planet!" More cheers and cries of, 'Death to the humans!'

"Now, we must FIGHT!"

The sound of the crowd drowned out everything else. The walls of the sewer tunnel shook with the vibration. The figure spread his arms out and the meta-humans settled.

Nightmare clenched and unclenched his fists. He knew that this was wrong. The humans had been here first. Although there were a few recorded cases of meta-humans popping up throughout history, for the most part they were lab created. The meta-humans were created by humans. Why should the creation destroy its creator?

Then the speaker flung his hood back in the ecstasy of the moment. The crowd took in a collective gasp. Mothers hid their child's eyes, teenagers exchanged whispers while men raked the air with their claws and talons.

Before them stood a monster. His head was devoid of hair, grey, the skin taught across his bones. His jaw dropped open to his neck, long teeth dripping saliva. This explained his horrible lisp. A forked tongue flicked out, tasting the air.

"Behold! I am your king!" He roared. The crowd did not stir. Their 'king's' green eyes took in the scene.

Then one of the meta-humans began to cheer. She jumped up and down, whooping and hollering. Her joy spread to those around her and soon the whole crowd was chanting his name.....


The End

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