The Legion BelowMature

Far below the city, a creature stirred in the dark.

A yellow eye opened, gleaming.

"So, you have decided to join us at last," A voice echoed down the tunnel. Water splashed around his ankles sending ripples through the sludge.

"Its only because I couldn't survive any longer up there," He growled, white teeth flashing.

"Come into the light brother, where I can see you," The blurry shape before him beckoned with a twisted grey hand.

The creature stumbled backwards even farther into the dark, "No," He spat.

"Then you are of no use to us," The hand retreated into the shadows.

The creature shifted his weight from one hind leg to the other.

"Promise me you won't laugh,"

"I would never, dear brother,"

The creature stepped into the light which came from the slats of a pothole overhead. His dark blue skin was marred with scars. A single jagged line ran through his left eye, blind.

The shape entered the dim light as well. It was like no meta-human he had ever seen.

" can't be!" Nightmare, the creature, gasped.

"Your eyes do not deceive you. It is I,"

There was no turning back now. Eyes opened all around him. 

Nightmare had joined the legion below.

The End

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