Demon ChildMature

The baby wailed throughout the night, awakening the many animals residing in the laboratory. Alan Fredericks sat in the middle of the circular lab on a wooden stool, staring at the creature which he had locked inside a cell. Little did he know, the child would spend her whole life there. Fang had curled her fingers around the bars, tiny claws sliding out in place of fingernails. They gouged the metal, minuscule flakes of silver chipping off.

He had to kill her. She had killed Diane.

Alan lunged forward, wrenching open the door of the cell. He picked his abomination up by the nape of the neck, holding her out at arms length. Fang began to scream, her screams soon turning to animalistic howls of pain.

He carried her over to the sink, turning on the tap. She wriggled in his grasp for a moment before giving up. Her neck was turning red as his fingers dug into her skin. Blood began to seep there.

He let the baby fall into the water. She coughed and spluttered, her small cat-like mouth opening and shutting as she attempted to breathe. Little Angela Fredericks gave up fighting and reached out, wrapping her soft baby hand around Alan's pinkie.

Alan was confused. The baby's eyes were beginning to slide shut. Panic filled his mind. He picked her up out of the water, turning her over, and smacked her back with the heel of his hand. She expelled the liquid from her lungs, flecks of blood spattering across the surface of the counter.

He cradled her until she fell asleep.

Alan then sat upon the stool and fell asleep as well.

A young Mia Reynolds found them the next morning on the lab floor, sleeping together, Angela in her father's arms.


The End

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