A Hero ArisesMature

This is McCleary to base, McCleary to base, over.

Reading you loud and clear McCleary, what's your status, over?

Approaching the jewelry store now, over.

Reports claim there are two hostages inside, a mother and a daughter, over.

Yep, I can see them. Confirmed, two hostages inside. I'm going to take a closer look, over.

The sound of gunfire interrupted the radio conversation.

McCleary can you hear me? McCleary!


The sounds of distant sirens stirred me from my sleep on the warehouse roof. I stood, surveying the city spread out before me. Red and blue lights flashed from the street below, two police vehicles in hot pursuit of a grey van which careened drunkenly into the path of oncoming drivers. Cars swerved to avoid the van, crashing into street lamps.

The thrill of the chase stirred my blood. I crouched, bunching my muscles, and sprang to the ground below. I ran. I became nothing but my pounding heart and sharp fangs, the desire for blood consuming me.

I raced along the sidewalk, innocent civilians screaming in terror at the sight of me. I darted between legs, around couples walking hand in hand, and onto the street in front of the police cars.

They blared their horns at me, most likely assuming I was a dog. But they ceased when they saw that I was not. Bullets struck the pavement to my right and left as they attempted to kill me. The man they pursued had not caught sight of me yet.

I launched myself onto the top of the van, scrabbling for a hold. My back claws dug long grooves into the paint. When I finally reached the top, my claws punctured the surface as I moved towards the front. The van swerved beneath me, attempting to throw me off. I lost my grip and slid down the side, hanging by one hand. My body slammed into the passenger door, the window bursting inwards.

The man driving wore a black ski mask, so I couldn't see his expression. However, he did scream rather loudly.

The van skidded onto the sidewalk, coming dangerously close to the building beside it. He slammed me into it, sparks flying from the side of the van. I screeched as my tail snapped. It had been broken.

Finding that he couldn't shake me off, he veered back into the street, taking a sharp left into a side street. The police followed; they were no longer firing at me.

I jumped through the window and into the passenger seat. With one swift motion, I grabbed the back of the man's head and slammed it into the wheel. The horn sounded once then died. I pulled on the emergency brake and the van slowly came to a stop. It had run out of gas anyway.

The police came on either side of the van, ripping the doors open and dragging both me and the man out. They shone their flashlights in my eyes, muttering to each other.

"Should we contact the zoo?"

"What the hell is it?"

"My god, this guy's head is bleeding,"

I was rather bored by all this and wanted to slink off to my warehouse, but I had to let them know that I was a sentient creature.

"You're welcome," They gasped as one, jumping back, their guns at the ready.

"Goodbye," I murmured, running off into the shadows. Bullets followed me, pinging off the walls.

Why had I helped them? Was it just the feeling of chasing down my prey that I had done it for or was it something deeper than that?

The End

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