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Alejandro and Nathan visited me often in my dark and gloomy 'home', bringing me tidbits to eat so I wouldn't devour anyone's house pet.

On the latest occasion, Alejandro had the nerve to bring me something coated in grease which looked suspiciously like a burrito. I sniffed at the slop which he let fall to the concrete.

"Seriously?" Nathan cocked an eyebrow at his friend.

Alejandro bellowed with laughter. I noticed he had a tendency to be rather loud, "Si mi amigo!"

I tentatively licked some of the meat. It tasted disgusting. I spat it out, dragging my palm against my rough tongue.

"So much for that," Nathan drawled. Alejandro shot him a look, folding his flabby arms against his chest.

I would have laughed had I not been so depressed. I was fascinated, however, by the behavior of my friends. I had never interacted with teenagers my own age -normal teenagers. The closest I had ever come to having a true friend was Nightmare. Nightmare was a meta-human in the lab over. He was seventeen at the time, and I was just barely thirteen. He was a coyote wolf hybrid. His ears brushed the ceiling when he stood erect. I remember the color of his skin - a deep dark midnight blue, hair as white as snow which ran like a mane down his back.

He taught me many things - how to fight, run and even play. He taught me language and how to speak. But it was Nightmare's teachings that caused my father to hurt me. Every time I uttered a single syllable he would flay me with a nine tailed whip. It was brutal, savage and primitive. Every. CRACK. Single. CRACK. Word. CRACK!

I shivered involuntarily at the thought. Tuning back into Nathan and Alejandro's conversation, I found they were having a conversation on a television program of some sort.

"Hey, Fang - are you alright?" Nathan asked, a concerned look on his face. Why was it that Nathan was always the one concerned with my well being while Alejandro dismissed it as simply the behavior of a mutated, slightly insane, emotional girl?

I nodded my head slowly, lifting my eyes from the floor to his own eyes which shone like emerald stars through the ebony blackness of his bangs. Nathan crouched by me in a similar fashion to my own position on the stone cold floor, legs tucked up under his body, balancing on the balls of his feet.

It had been a week since my father had died in the crash. A week I had been living in the warehouse. Alone. Always alone. I shivered once more, shaking off Nathan's hand which had fallen onto my shoulder.

"Okay, I can't take any more of creepy cat-woman. Adiós man," Alejandro gave a small salute to Nathan, spinning on his heel before running full pelt for the door, his chubby body bouncing up and down with each step.

Nathan chuckled softly as the door to the warehouse slammed shut, echoing around the hollow space. Who was Nathan, really? Did I really know him or did I just pretend I did so I wouldn't feel so lonely...

Nathan was staring off into the middle distance, rocking back and forth unconsciously. He hummed something under his breath, a mindless tune. Obnoxious behavior, perhaps, but he was a very nice person all the same. Very nice. It is rare I have said those two words together...

Very nice.

He stood to leave.

Very nice.

He turned and looked back at me.

Very nice.

"See ya around Fang,"

I nodded, offering him a smile. He returned it.

Very nice.

What the hell's wrong with me?

The End

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