Alan stood over the bloody carcass of Diane, his wife. Her abdomen had burst, organs and intestines spilling out onto the floor. In a corner of the room, the creature howled. The creature that had killed his wife to be born. Diane's bright green eyes were now glassy, staring, unseeing. Her hands were curled like claws, mouth open in a permanent state of shock, blonde hair was streaked with her own blood.

Alan looked towards the creature. It had no hair to speak of, ears twitching on top of its head. It opened its toothless mouth and cried, claws raking the air. Claws stained with Diane's blood.

It had already consumed some of Diane's flesh, swallowing it whole. The thing that she had carried for nine months had bitten the hand that fed it, consuming it's own mother.

Dr. Fredericks looked at the baby with utter disgust, watching as it attempted to pull itself towards Diane's remains. There was a ring of blood around it's mouth, crimson against its pale newborn skin.

A tail whipped behind it, as though it had a mind of its own. Alan stooped to pick it up, cautious, in case it would attack him. Holding the baby in the light, he found that she was female.

Though she was inhuman, Alan could clearly see bits of his facial features and Diane's on the baby's face.

He remembered the name Diane had for the baby if it was to be a girl.


And then he remembered his own name for his marvelous creation, a step forward in genetic warfare.


The End

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