First BloodMature

I lay with my face pressed into the concrete. I was injured. I knew that if I attempted to move, I would only make things far worse. I could hear the sound of police shouting, telling someone to get back. The clatter of wood to concrete. Feet running. A shadow fell over me.

"Fang," Nathan knelt beside me, his kind face searching my own. I opened my mouth to speak and blood came forth.

He furrowed his brow, sweeping my hair back from my face. I tried to speak once more, uttering a few syllables, "Pain,"

Nathan nodded, "It's alright, we'll get you out of here. Alejandro!" He called over his shoulder, "Get your fat ass over here and help me!"

I braced my hands against the road, pushing myself up. I cried out as a sharp pain stabbed my ribs. I fell back to the concrete, whimpering softly.

Nathan and Alejandro rolled me over carefully. Nathan surprised me by carrying me in his arms, cradling me gently. Where had the obnoxious boy gone? Who was this gentleman who had replaced him? I found my eyes sliding shut, the exhaustion and agonizing pain was far too great. I fell asleep.



I awoke in a dark room, the floor and walls of stone.

Sitting up, I found that my waist and ribcage had been bandaged with white gauze and tape, the clothing taken from my body. All that was left on was the underwear, which I was grateful for. I would have been worried if Nathan and Alejandro had removed them to stare at my unmentionables.

Was I becoming more human? I was never concerned before with my nakedness.

I waggled my tail back and forth, noticing that a hole had been slit in the underwear to allow it to move more freely. It would do for now.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realized I was in the warehouse that Nathan had spoke of. Nathan himself stepped from the shadows, his hands stuffed in his jacket pockets.

"Hey. Feeling better?"

I nodded, rising unsteadily to my feet.

"Your father was killed in the crash,"

Good riddance.

"I thought you'd want to know,"

He moved closer to me, then backed away when I bared my teeth reflexively. It was because I was injured, not because I didn't want him here.

"You can stay here for now. The police are looking for you. I'd lay low if I were you,"

I did not reply. I met his gaze steadily.

"I'll go now,"

He turned to leave. Words climbed up my throat, spilling out before I could stop them.

"Nathan," He turned back.

"Thank you,"

He nodded humbly, continuing out through a door in one of the walls. I sank to the floor in a heap, nursing my wounds.

The first blood had been drawn in the coming war. A victory gained.

Daughter versus father.

Creation versus creator.

Beast versus man.



The End

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