For FreedomMature

Before and me and behind me were a line of police cars. Their blue and red lights flashed in the eerie silence which filled the street. Alejandro and Nathan stood alone on the sidewalk, behind a barrier the policemen had set up. I was a good sport. I waited for the enemy to take the first strike. They had called in reinforcements; several police stood in a line with riot shields and full face masks.

I grinned wickedly, allowing my long claws to slide out, my mouth opening to display my fangs.

The line of men tightened, jostling together in fear. I eyed the nearest man, focusing on his jugular vein which pulsed beneath his skin, taunting me with the hot blood beneath.

But I would not kill them. I would prove to them that I was not a monster. I would fight back, yes, but nothing would compel me to slaughter innocent humans.

One aimed a dart gun over his shield. I swerved to avoid it as the tiny feathered needle whizzed by my left ear. The man who had fired swore, reloading his weapon.

I crouched to the ground, my spine shifting, my tail snapping back and forth. My claws tip-tapped upon the concrete as I drew closer and closer.

The line of police shifted backwards a few steps, the fear evident in their eyes.

I opened my mouth and spoke two words. Just two.

"For freedom,"

I sprang.

I latched my hands onto one of the men's shield, wrenching it from his hands. He cried out, backing away in fear. The crowd that had gathered beyond the barriers began to stir. They were cheering. Cheering for me.

I immobilized him with a quick bite to his thigh, whirling around to face my next attacker. Their shields and weapons were no match for my strength and vicious bite. Soon, they had all drawn back, nursing their wounds.


I looked up to see a helicopter circling overhead, its metal blades causing a strong gale to whip my hair into my face. Gunfire sprayed the ground around me, suddenly. The police had drawn back, not because they were afraid, but because of the coming rain. The rain of fire.

The metal bullets tore up the street beneath me, chunks of pavement flying up into the air. I screeched as one ripped through my arm, blood spraying crimson before me.

I ran. I had promised myself I wouldn't, but I wasn't running for my life. I was running for the nearest building. I took a leap of faith and ran up the side of the brick building that Nathan and Alejandro were near. This involved jumping over the police barrier, much to the dismay of the crowd. The screams of fear reached my ears, penetrating my mind. I winced, but continued scaling the wall, my claws finally hooking on the roof. I swung myself up to face the helicopter.

This was it.

I knew who was on that helicopter. I could smell him. My father.

The helicopter hovered before me, a few feet above the surface of the building's roof. My father held out his hand, shouting something, but it was drowned out by the roar of the flying machine.

I roared back at it, baring my fangs. I launched myself towards it, towards the spinning blades of death. I closed my eyes and prepared myself in mid leap.

I am not Angela Fredericks.

I am Fang.

My eyes snapped open. My body hit the blades. Hard. I scrabbled for a hold as I was flung around and around. Finally, I sank my claws in. The helicopter lifted upwards as I unbalanced it. It spun drunkenly for a moment before crashing downwards. I let go, freefalling beside it. I watched its passengers tumbling around inside of it like clothing in a washing machine. My father's face was bloody, his shirt torn, his lab coat long gone.

The last thing I thought of before the ground rose up to meet me were my new friends, Nathan and Alejandro.

Goodbye cruel world.

The End

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