Fight BackMature

The days sped by faster than I could imagine. I soon grew bored in the Martinez family's home. Mr. Martinez came home from his job at a supermarket to find that his couch had been torn to shreds by my eager claws. How was I to know that a scratching post was not its purpose?

Nathan visited often, bringing me raw meat to enjoy. The Martinez's could not afford such luxuries so Alejandro relied on his friend to bring his new 'pet' her dinner.

Whenever they treated me like a cat, I was forced to remind them that I could think and speak.

Today was one such day. I was curled up upon the living room floor, grooming my long hair with a hairbrush Nathan's mother had allowed me to use, when a ball rolled past me.

I looked up to see that Alejandro had thrown it. He grinned, "Get it!"

I hissed in disgust, "No,"

He frowned, shaking his head, "I always forget..."

I stretched, rising to my feet, "Is okay,"

Mr. Martinez let out a yell from the next room. Alejandro and I ran to assist. He was standing before his bed, his hands tearing at his hair. I had been sleeping there, tearing the fabric with my claws.

"That's it! I can't stand it anymore! Get that thing out of here!" He howled, pointing at me.

I meowed as sweetly as I possibly could, falling to all fours, rubbing against his legs. He kicked me sharply in the side. I hissed, backing away.

"Dad! She's a person you know!" Alejandro argued, folding his arms indignantly.

Mr. Martinez shook his head, "She is a monster,"

He was right. I was nothing more than a monster. Grief pressed down on my heart. I slunk away, making a bee-line for the front door.

It opened suddenly, startling me. It was Nathan.

"Fang? What's wrong?" He frowned, looking towards the direction of Alejandro and Mr. Martinez's shouting. They were no longer speaking English, swearing and arguing in Spanish.

"Must go," I muttered, standing. I tried to push my way past Nathan, but he stopped me, his hand falling on my shoulder.

"Tell you what, I know a place where you can stay."

The place he spoke of was a warehouse downtown which was old and decaying, and most importantly, abandon.


"Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean,
look at her legs - they're shaped funny!"

"Just chill Al,"

I had been dressed in horrible clothes that
smothered my skin. With one of my claws, I tugged at the collar of the shirt
that Nathan had let me use.

"Fang! Put your claws away!" Nathan

I snarled at him, retracting them all the same.
They had placed metal rings on my bottom lip to make it appear as though my
fangs which fell over them were part of a piercing. With the black hoody I wore
pulled up and over my ears, and the baggy pants to hide my strange legs, I was
almost human.

The only other clothing article I disliked was the
underwear. They had forced me into it. Nathan had accidentally touched one of
my unmentionables in the process and I had promptly bit his hand. Alejandro
finished dressing me while Nathan screamed in pain.

He now had it bandaged in gauze and tape, his hand
in a loose fist to protect it from further damage.

I earned strange looks from the occasional adult,
but Gothic teenagers nodded in my direction, grinning with tobacco stained

It had been Alejandro's insane scheme to dress me
up like this in order to get me out of his father's apartment without any
trouble. Why Nathan agreed to his ideas was beyond me...

I bumped into someone by accident, sending a red leather
purse flying from the woman's hands.

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry!" It was Mia.

I suppressed a growl rising in my throat and reached for
her handbag. I realized with horror that my claws had slid out in my anger of
running into Mia Reynolds.

"You!" She screeched, snatching up her purse. She
thwacked it against the side of my head. It felt as though a ton of bricks were
concealed inside. The metal rings on my lip clattered to the pavement from the
force of the blow.

The boys ahead of me stopped and whirled around, their jaws
dropping in shock as Mia wrenched back the hood of my jacket.

People around us screamed in terror at the sight of me,
small children and mothers running helter skelter across the street to the
opposite sidewalk.

Mia withdrew a cellular phone from her jean's pocket,
punching in a number. I backed away cautiously. I had no desire to kill this
woman, but I might have to if she called the authorities on me.

She raised the phone to her ear, a wicked smile plastered
on her face, "Fredericks?
I got her,"

I pounced for the phone, my claws wrapping around the grey
device. Mia howled as my claws raked the skin on her hand, red blood spattering
across her baby blue blouse.

I tore the phone away from her and several of her fingers
in the process, crunching the metal of the phone with my bare hands.

Reynolds screamed in agony, clutching her maimed hand to
her breast.

Nathan rushed to aid the vile woman, a concerned look on
his face. Alejandro was staring in shock at the fingers which lay decapitated
from Mia's hand on the pavement.

The distant sound of sirens reached my sensitive ears. The
street had been cleared of people; everyone had run from the 'freak'.

I wasn't going to run this time.

This time I would fight back.


The End

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