The meal-cart's wheels squeaked as they turned. Ben whistled an annoying tune which set my nerves on edge.

"I got food!" He called in a sing song voice. The parakeets fluttered around in their cage, chirping their approval.

The parrot beside them, called Gerbert, cried out triumphantly, "The target has been acquired!"

I stood up on my hind legs, peering out into the white lab beyond my cell. Ben had chosen to feed Dinky first, throwing him bananas and other assorted fruits.

I meowed as sweetly as possible, batting my eyelashes at him when Ben turned around.

"Oh, alright, I'm coming. How could I say no to that gorgeous face?" He grinned, wheeling the metal cart towards me.

My mouth watered when I caught the scent of fresh meat in the bottom section of the cart.

He pulled the white blanket off of the mound, revealing a slightly mangled deer that had most likely been hit with a car somewhere. He opened my cage door.

Now was my chance. I leaped out, sinking my teeth into the red flesh.

"Woah there girl! Hungry are ya?"

I purred in response, pretending to be completely occupied by the bloody deer before me.

Ben made a move towards the taser hanging on the wall opposite my cell.

I bolted away from the cart, sprinting down the hall on all four legs.

"Oh shit!" Ben screeched from behind me. An alarm rang out, piercingly loud.

Scientists scrambled out of my way, papers and test tubes that they had been carrying flying into the air. The various contents of said test tubes burst in clouds of red, blue and green on all sides of me. I realized they were throwing them at me in a desperate attempt to slow my rampage.

I passed Mia who immediately cried out, "Would smell as sweet! Would smell as sweet! Damn you, you goddamn cat!" She roared in rage, stomping her high-heeled feet.

I was no house-pet. I skidded to a halt, my claws skittering across the slick floor. Pulling myself up to my full height, I opened my mouth, extending my fangs.

And roared. The guttural inhuman noise spilled from my throat, my chest shuddering from the effort.

Mia screamed, toppling backwards into a group of scientists who had been huddled behind her. They fell like dominoes into a heap of white lab coats and various papers.

I turned and ran, my front legs falling to the ground. I slunk low to the ground to increase my speed. The doors leading outside were so close, I could almost taste the sunshine on the other side.


It was my father. He had his head poking outside of his office door, his face a mask of disappointment and fury.

I stopped running, standing up to meet his gaze.

He stepped outside, standing in my path in the narrow hallway.

"Sweetheart, what are you doing?"

I didn't reply. I couldn't reply. I breathed heavily, flexing my claws, glancing left and right in desperation.

"Why don't you come with me back to your cell?" He took his keys out of his pocket, jangling them.

I fell to all fours, bunching my muscles. With all of my strength, with all of my will, I opened my mouth,


There was dead silence in the hall. Mia and the others gasped in shock behind me. My father stood dumbstruck as I leaped through the air, knocking him down. I pinned him to the floor and roared in his face, spittle splattering across his cheeks.

Leaping off of him, my back claws tore into his shirt, leaving long marks in the fabric.

I put my head down, flattening my ears. I screamed in pain as the glass doors shattered, my body hurtled through them. I landed on the other side, collapsing in a mess of glass and blood.

My father stepped through the wreckage, running towards me. Sirens screamed their warning as police cars neared the building. I picked myself up and ran, flinging myself onto the barbed wire fence.

I climbed, the barbs slicing my palms. From the top, I leaped down onto the grass on the other side. I couldn't help but allow myself a quick purr, my hands and feet kneading the soft vegetation. It had been far too long since I had felt grass between my toes.

I fled, avoiding the squad of police vehicles making their way towards me. Shots were fired, kicking up dirt and asphalt around me. I zigzagged to avoid the deadly bullets flying in my direction.

I had escaped. How long could I survive?


The End

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