Birds flew eveywhere outside. Summer air must have fueled their energy because the day before, clear blue skies were just begging to be met with the animal's outstretched wings. Yup, it's the start of summer for Gentian's City. Although to the ignorant citizens of this city, the majority of which attend this highschool, it isn't over until the bell rings at around 12:40 PM on June 27. Why? It's the start of summer vacation, a time where rebellious teenagers finally find time to rape each other. Yay!

     "Ms. Lovejoy? Will you please explain to the class the answer to my question?" the fat and mustached teacher insisted.

     I turned my attention to the front of the class. His glare wanted to burn holes in me as if I wasn't hot enough. Woah, that was actually pretty conceited of myself. His arms crossed against his most likely hairy chest and I could see the marker protruding out of his hand, the one that wrote the new question on the board about calculus. Immediately my head turned as I answered his question to the window. I made a long answer, using prose words and all the mathematical terms possible. He sighed his long sighs, frustrated that he could never catch me off guard while spacing out in class. It's amazing how teachers don't realize how much of a dumbass they are.

     "Zeeee! Zeee!!" the seat on my right whispered.

     "What?" my mough worded, still looking out the window with mychin resting on my palm.

     "Nice goin'," she praised.

     I just nodded my head in response. After a couple more minutes, the bell finally rang. Another uneventful day, how shocking. When I was about to leave the classroom Mr. Furby wanted to see me once everyone left, another shocker.

     "Why do you never pay attention in my class?" he accused.

     "We've talked about this before and my answer will never change: because I already know the material."

     "And my commentary will never change: I don't care, pay attention in my class," he sighed, "Dismissed."

     I walked out of the room, but before exiting I added a new line to our usual conversation, "I know perfectly well that I'm your favorite student, which is why you never send me to the principal like you should. So I ask that you stop bugging me afterschool to see if I have a drug problem like you assume that I do." I could only imagine his stunned face when I passed the doorway and walked the halls.

     Hiragi joined me after she spotted me out the doors, "Same convo?" she patted my head.

     "M'hmm," mumbled.

     "Well, since you're his fav student you'll have no problems grade-wise!"

     "I confronted him about that actually."


     "I didn't tell him how I knew of course. I just said it and left."

     "How long will I have to wait next time then?"

     "Not long."

     "So your hypnotization thing is working out for ya'?"

     "In theory."

     She laughed and grabbed my arm, sprinting, "C'mon! We can't miss my show!"

     "D-don't run so fast!"

The End

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