Fang Song

Fang Song
Explore an (can I get a faint lol?), in the mind and through the eyes of a dark-humored, blunt, and proud teenage girl. She's able to read minds so lately she's been studying other sixth sense ideals, such as hypnotism, hoping to expand her range of her "gift." Although, she never knew that her studies could take her as far as another world; dimension, even! With the help of her quiet yet caring father, overly hyper best friend, and much more people she excersizes her mind's potential. Why does her father insist on this though?

This story was created because I thought that it would cure my writer's block with my series Fury. I guess it is, but I guess it isn't. Whatever. Enjoy while you're at it?

Yes I'm in a bad mood. = - = Why? Writer's block is hell to my brain. My soul. My hope. Hmph. At least something decent(ish) came out of this. NYEK.

o . o

The End

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