The OnesieMature

"Sorry mate, sheesh. I was just saying you know he's attractive but you act like he's a god of some kind or somethin'."

"Niall, don't you get it?" I asked, looking back at the screen showing Louis when he performed shirtless in San Diego on June 16th of last year. "He is a god, he's more than a god. He's the god of gods, he's perfection, absolute perfection. That smile, his smile has the power to melt every girl and boys' heart, his body, oh Niall you don't even wanna know what I'd do to that body. His beautiful blue eyes that looks like if you looked into them you could solve world peace. His personality is the most amazing thing ever, he's so silly and funny and charismatic and-"

"A-alright Harry I get it. Sheesh." Niall slapped my arm to bring me out of my daze. I shook my head and chuckled, looking back at the screen. Everyone thought my obsession with Louis had gone too far but if they even knew what he meant to me they'd understand why I love him so much. Louis wasn't just a superstar who sang for random people and then went home to bath in his money or whatever they thought he'd do. Louis was my role model, my saviour. I needed Louis now, he was like medicine and I was the sick person that needed him to live.

The door opened, "Guys I'm back!" Zayn sang as he brought his lass Perrie in.

"Hey Perrie," I said and she waved, smiling as she leaned into Zayn. I smiled, "Alright nice to see you two but shut up because it's a Louis marathon and if one of you make me miss even a quarter of a second of his angelic voice there will be a knife in your chest."

Niall breathed in and chuckled, "Well in that case I'm going to my room." he said.

"You'd best do that." I responded, my eyes glued to the screen. Zayn and Perrie sat down next to me and I literally bounced up and down with excitement to watch the marathon. First an interview of Louis came on and I nearly drooled on myself at his gorgeous South Yorkshire accent. Doncaster to be exact.

"SHIT! OH SHIT!" Niall screamed and I nearly flipped.


"Harry your onesie!" Zayn said, looking over on the floor where our dog Milo was taking a good old piss on my Louis Tomlinson onesie. My hands balled into fists and I just watched as Milo put his leg back down and trotted off down the hallway and into Niall's bedroom. I walked over to my onesie and picked it up, clutching it tightly in my fist as I looked at Niall with a look that if looks could kill, would've murdered Niall by now.

"Get that dog out of here." I spat.

The End

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