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"That was crazy! Harry you nearly attacked him if it weren't for Zayn pulling you away!" my best friend Niall laughed as I stumbled in the house, pulling my jacket off and throwing it on the couch next to the door.

"Well he should leave Louis alone! He knows he's my favourite singer, nobody makes fun of Louis! Nobody, even Liam." I spat his name out like it was a disease. "And you know I could attack you for saying that." I glared at him from the corner of my eye as I put my keys on the key tree. Niall's bright blue eyes widened and he rocked back and forth on his heels.

"Eh, I mean, you totally had a point." he chuckled quickly. I nodded curtly.

"That's what I thought, Irish." I smirked as I walked over to the couch and picked up the remote, sitting back and putting my feet on the table, "Where is Zayn anyway?"

"He said he was gonna go pick Perry up, remember? Oh wait no that's when you were telling me about how beautiful Louis looks when he's singing." Niall chuckled and I glared at him, "W-which he is! Not denying it, he is beautiful, very beautiful."

"You are correct once again." I grinned dreamily at the TV, on my favourite channel. The one that always had Louis on it. Louis Tomlinson, the most amazing pop singer of all time. He had his own channel because that's just how amazing he was. In my opinion he deserved more than just his own channel on TV, he deserved his own land where him and his fans could just be together. But of course, I'm the only one allowed to touch him. He's mine and to be honest I don't care who it is, if they try to touch my Tommo I will slap them. And nobody can say I "don't have a shot" because I do. Little known fact, Louis is bi. Everyone says just because he's seen with girls means he's straight well that's not exactly true because I have evidential proof that he is gay if not bi. In the 9th grade Louis had a boyfriend named James Anderson and in the 12th grade Louis came out as openly bi. So yeah, he likes girls but he also likes boys as well.

"Harry, you're doing it again," Niall waved his hand in front of my face and I blinked.

"Huh?" I asked. Niall chuckled.

"You're zoning out and drooling again." he said and I wiped at my chin, making a face when my hand felt wet. "You know, he is attractive and a-"

"HE'S MINE!" I put my hand over Niall's mouth. Niall's eyes widened as I got close to his face, "He's. Mine. Shut up." I said. I pulled away and Niall stayed wide eyed like I was going to kill him. Niall knew nobody was allowed to even say they were interested in Louis. Louis was mine, all mine.

The End

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