Garmadon's Social Studies notes?!? 2

*Man, I'm really tired. I'm in the talon encore class right now, and  this is rrreealaaallllyyy boring....

*I have really nothing to talk about. Nothing exciting is goin on in my life at this moment.

*Besides typing. Typing is a good exercise for my phalanges.... That means fingers.

*blah. I'm really tired. Darn these stupid early school starting stuff.

*On the bright side, We have a three day weekend! Wooooooooooo!

* And i'm goin to nagle at night.

*Anybody goin?

*I am.

*I’m not gonna wear any hawaiian crap, though. The only thing Hawaiian that happened last year was a beachball going through the crowd.

*Really, nagle? You could at least put up some inflatable palm trees and some plastic flamingos.

*Then you could tell the school was “trying” to make it fun.

*Not that a beach ball is boring. You can't go wrong with a beachball. It just dosn’t hold my attention.

*Now, fighting things holds my attention.

*They should make a, like, hero themed nagle@night.

*That would be lots of fun. Bring a sword to nagle@nihgt. Fun stuff, man.

*Course, I wouldn’t slice off anyone's head with it...

*All though...... I might be a little tempted.

*So yep.

*I’m hungry now. and I’ve got..... 3....4 hours till lunch?

*I don't know. I was never that good at math.


The End

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