Garmadon's Social Studies notes?!?

* Washington was elected anonymously. course he did. He is totally awesome. They voted in.... the world. Americans, were all like, on a sugar high cuz geo was the prez. Kind of like 10,000 jays..... Jeez. I wonder how mr.prez lived and controlled that many Jays.

* america in a nutshell: They were really needy and wanted everything.

* cabinet members were seceratrys. HAHAHAH i spelled that wrong. MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.


*Sorry. that was mean of me....

*blah. we’re on slide two. Tells us more of our 500000 problems. EXAMPLE: we had to rely on a stupid, psychotic wizard to kill off a guy with no nose. Go America!

* no wait.... that was britan..... Oh, whatever. They all are in the same world.

*like that song! Its a small world after all. its a small world after all. its a small world after all, it's a small small small small world!

*Thank you. Thank you. I know, i know. My singing is beautiful.

*my goodness. I’m extremely tired... and bored.

*I feel a strong urge to take over the world right now.....

* edmund randolph.... don't ask me who this is. It’s apparently somebody i should know.

*Jay’s treaty: I don't think anyone semi-smart would make a treaty with that kid. He’s a little crazy in the head. I don't know how you could trust him.

* OH look! Its Teddy! HEY TEDDY! MY BUD! If you didn't know, Teddy Julian is totally awesome. Likes robots and stuff. Don't ask. I don't know.

*I wonder what his parents were thinking when they named this guy where learning about  Little Turtle... What kind of name is that?!?!?!?

* I shouldn’t be talking, however. My name means the end of the world. Never came up in a conversation with my parents on why they named me that. Should have asked.

* Hey look. It’s Misako..... Oh wow. She’s actually taking notes -.- She is sooooo focused. ALways follows the rules. I should annoy her...... nah. never mind. She looks seriously serious.

* What bout Wu? hmmmmm...... Yep. He’s taking notes too.


The End

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