The day I returned

I opened my eyes and meet darkness. I couldn’t feel or hear anything, and I felt... odd. I felt... refreshed.

Could I be... dead?

As my eyes adjusted to the place, I flexed my hand to feel something. What I felt was the opposite of what I wanted, however.

Pain shoot up my hand, and I noticed I had just scraped my hand on something sharp. I carefully felt the sharp object, and noticed it was a piece of jagged rock. I tried to move away from it, but suddenly the blackness was moving, falling on my head and making me groan in pain. They all felt like the rock I had scrapped my hand on.

For reason I knew not, I was buried in rocks. And explosion, perhaps?

I did not move again, and waited for my eyes to adjust even more. As my eyes darted around, I found a sliver of light upon my hand. I followed the light until it meet up with a crack  up above me. I could see just a little piece of blue sky.

Maybe I could dig myself out of here.

My side muscles clenched, but no reaction. Nothing was there. My two extra arms were not present on my body.

Something was wrong.

Instead of trying to use my now-non existent arms, I planned to do it the old fashioned way. To use my regular arms.

My fingers reached the crack, and I used my strength to push aside the rocks. They tumbled down my back as I started to stand up, feeling soft rather than hurtful.

I opened my eyes, and pain shot through me from the sun’s light. I shielded my eyes with my hand, blinked twice, and then took my hand away and stared at it wide-eyed.

My skin was normal colored. I quickly scanned my two arms, in amazement that my arms where a healthy shade of peach. The last time they were this color was...... before I could even remember. I combed my hand threw my hair, and little pieces of rock and some rock dust rained out of my hair. As I started to become more intune with my senses, I heard some muffled voices coming from somewhere nearby. As I squinted my eyes,  eighth blurs and one big blob in the distance came into focus.

A four headed dragon ( the obvious big blob). Check.

A boy with spiky hair and red ninja suit. Kai? Check.

A boy with black, windswept hair. Cole. Check.

Two figures holding hands. Jay and Nya. Check.

A man with a brown ninja suit, and the stone army helm. Dareth. Check.

A boy and a old man hugging. Dr Julian and Zane. Check.

A man with a chinese hat. My brother. Check.

But I did not see the people I was looking for.

I limped behind a rock, and peaked out from behind it. Then I saw them.

A boy. Golden ninja suit. Blond hair, tousled around, just how mine used to be. A frown was there. From sadness? From loss?

A woman, with brown-grayish hair braided down her back, with a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

I welled up with happiness.

I looked down at what I was wearing, and noticed I was wearing something I do not remember putting on. I was wearing a gray and black shirt that was tied by a purple, fabric belt. I had  black pants. I tightened my belt, and limped slowly over to the people who were cheering. I was still yet to be seen. The cheering suddenly stopped. I heard my first audible words.


“We will all miss your father.” The woman said.

I grinned, and tried to make a noise from my throat. My voice sounded raspy, but alive.


“Lloyd? Wu?” I said. “ M....Misako?”


Everyone turned to me, and stared at me, wide eyed. Even the dragon.


“What happened? Where am I?” I asked, confused.


They all stood there, looking dumbstruck, when a boy managed to speak.


The End

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