My dearest Amelia,

I know that I have been incredibly scarce in your life, and that you may not trust nor believe this letter. But, I am your father. No matter what your mother has said - if she has said anything - I am your biological father, and I am alive and well. Althoug you don't know this, I have been looking over you your entire life. Remember that bully that mysteriously dissapeared? That was my way of protecting you. No matter how little and insufficient rthe things I did were, they were all I could do. I would love to tell you of my whereabouts in this letter, but I'm afraid it's too dangerous, just in case this letter falls into the wrong hands. I can tell you my name is Harrison, and that I have some urgent news to tell you. I would like to meet with you, ASAP. I know you're confused, and angry, but this is my way of protectung you and your loved ones. If you are unable to come, call this number:  0409765823. Meet me at Ridges Park at twelve o'clock sharp.

Love always,

Your Father


   Amelia felt her blood drain from her face. She stared at the letter, not sure what to think of this. Damn straight she didn't believe him! Damn straight she was angry and confused! she had a right to be. He doesn't even call on her birthday, for pretty much her whole life, and now he expects her to meet him at a park notorious for kidnapping and rape, just because of  some crappy apology in a short letter?! It wasn't fair!

   She threw the letter down on the table, and took a massive angry swig of her chocolate latte. She didn't care that the sweet liquid scalded her mouth, in fact, ithe pian calmed her down slightly.

   "What does it say?" Shelly asked in a small voice. She could feel the anger radiating off of her friend, and she didn't like it. Amelia rarely ever got angry, and when she did, one could barely tell.

   Without answering, Amelia threw the letter in Shelly's general direction. With a shaking hand, Shelly picked up the letter and read.

   "Oh." Was all she said.

   Amelia looked at her; for the first time in the few years, that she knew Shelly, she was actually annoyed at her.

   "Oh? That's all you have to say? Oh! You know I've always wished I had a father, and how angry I am that he abandoned me...and you say 'oh'." She sighed, angrily, slumping in her chair.

   "I...I just don't know what to say. It's just so shocking." Shelly's voice had somehow gotten smaller.

   For a while, nothing was said. The girls just sat there, sipping their chocolate lattes in awkward silence, Shelly twiddling her thumbs, Amelia biting her bottom lip.

   "So, are you going to go?" Shelly asked, looking down at her hands.

   Amelia sighed. She suddenly felt incredibly tired. "I don't know. Should I tell mum?"

   Shelly looked shocked. "You're asking me?"

   Amelia sighed again, and looked back down at the table. Someone had scratched cartoons of badly depicted genitals - mostly men. "Can we go home, please? I just don't feel like shopping anymore."

   Shelly smiled, sympathetically. "Sure."

   The two girls finished their drinks, threw the cups in the bin, and walked back towards Amelia's car. Shelly let Amelia drive her home, which was a change. And after Shelly was locked safely inside her apartment - she lived alone - Amelia turned around and drove herself home. She didn't want to be alone with her thoughts. She knew that she sould think about it, but she kept mulling over the letter. If it was a lie, then how did he know about that eighth grade bully? But if it was true, how could he prove it?

   And then, without thinking about it, Amelia pulled over, pulled her phone out of her bag, dialed the number. With a racing heart, she prayed that there was no answer, as she put the phone to her ear.

   "Hello?" A deep husky voice answered.

   Amelia didn't answer, she was too shocked. That voice, it brought back memories of piggy back rides, and late night visits.

   "Hello? Amelia? Is that you?"

   "Yes." Her voice shook.

   "What's wrong -"

   Amelia hung up, cutting of the sentence, and threw the phone in her bag.She couldn't handle this, not now, to ever! She decided it was best if she just left the letter and the number, and never thought about her alleged father.

   She drove home the rest of the way, with shaking hands, ignoring her buzzing phone. Once she got home, she parked in the drive way, and ran to the door.

   "Mum, I'm home!" Icalled as I dropped my key in the key bowl.

   "Hello, princess." A deep, grating voice said.

   I gasped, and turned around. Standing there, was a tall muscular man, wearing a balaklava.

   "Should have listened to your daddy, huh? Now, he's not here to protect you...from me."


Authors note: This story is set in Australia, if you didn't know, hence the 'mum' and the mobile number :)


The End

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