Grant was the first to fire.  He hit one of the guards in the throat, another in the arm. 

“Shotgun,” Claus demanded.  Grant threw it to him and continued firing at the first sedan.  Rufus’ car was taking more heat, as expected, since more cronies were packed into the second sedan.  A frustrated roar came from the car as the burly man shoved open his door and opened fire with his tommy gun.  

“Hellfire, fuckers!”

Claus fired several rounds at the second sedan, hitting one of the cronies in the back seat.  He took cover before the burly man could turn to shoot at him.  Su Jin emerged with a grenade launcher, hurling two rounds at Rufus’ car.  They backed up hurriedly, but not fast enough to escape the blast.  Outside the alley, several more cars of each faction had accumulated and were fighting their respective battles.  Grant, having taken out most of the guards, grabbed a C4 and darted past the first sedan.

“Dad, I need cover!”

Claus fired several rounds off, forcing Su Jin and the burly man to take cover.  Grant planted the C4 just under the tailpipe and darted back to the Bentley.  Using the side mirror to aim, the burly man caught Grant with a shot to the leg.  He yelped and crawled desperately back into the Bentley.

“Dad, get Victor and go!”


 It was just like the old days, except in my home town where everything was supposed to be peaceful.  I heard Grant scream.

“Dad, get Victor and go!”

I pushed Sam towards the door where my dad was standing.  

“Open the door!  You go with Claus, I’ll go the other way.”

Sam nodded and heaved the door open.  

“Just keep shooting!” Sam yelled as he got out and half-crawled, half-ran to the Bentley.  I did likewise, narrowly missing several shots from the man with the tommy gun.  I heard him yell in rage.

“Damn it, I’ll have yer fuckin’ heads!”

Grant was in the driver’s seat, hand on the gear.

“Dad!  Get in the car!”

“Go!  I will hold them off; detonate the C4 once you’re out of the alley!”

“No!  Get in the fucking car!”

I took the detonator from my brother, “Grant, we need to do this or else we all will die.”

“Give me that!  You never cared about father like I did!”

As we wrestled, Sam pushed the gear into reverse.  I maneuvered my foot around Grant’s and floored the gas pedal while he was still grappling for the detonator.  Away we flew from the tattered trunk of the sedan, Grant screaming obscenities as we accelerated.  I jerked his hands so that the detonator fell into the back seat, next to Sam.  I looked at him urgently.

“Do it.”

He hesitated, “Victor, I-”

“Sam, there won’t be another chance, do it now!”

Sam bit his lip hard before smashing the detonate button.  Instant heat licked our faces and singed us, even though we were out of the alley.  Grant’s screams were muted by the deafening sound of the explosion.  Both sedans were incinerated, and there were no longer gunshots coming from within the alley.  Sirens went off, and a plume of black smoke rose furiously into the London night air.

The End

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