Chapter 1 Part 2

 I wake up early the next morning, with Trissa still right next to me. Gently, I remove her arms from around my body and quietly get out of bed. I change into my regular clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. I don’t have work on the weekends, and since it is Saturday, I’m off. I check my watch. It reads 5:18 am. A bit later than I usually get up, but way earlier than anyone else does.

            I open the door to my bedroom carefully, trying not to wake Trissa. I step out of the room and make my way down the dark hallway. I don’t turn on the lights because I’m trying to save on energy costs. My pay has been cut down a bit and I can’t afford to waste the extra money when I can just as easily feel my way through the dark.

I turn down the corner and go down the stairs leading to the main level. Downstairs, I go to the kitchen and prepare my daily breakfast: a cup of cereal. I know we have enough for me to have a full bowl, but the way Kove eats, I can’t afford to go out and buy more every day. I also can’t let the girls go hungry. So I do without.

            It’s not really that hard, actually. When my parents died, I didn’t eat at all so my siblings could eat. I’ve long since gotten used to the hunger, and it doesn’t distract me as much as it used to.

            Don’t take this to mean that I don’t take care of myself; I have to. If I were to get sick or die, who would take care of Trissa and Kloe? Not Kove, that much is obvious. So I eat enough to make sure I’m healthy, but makes sure there’s enough for my sisters.

            After finishing my food, I put my dishes away and wash them, along with the other dishes left in the sink. I put them away in the cupboard and check the clock. The clock now says 5:00am, so I decide to start breakfast for the others, who should wake up in about an hour and a half.

            I gather two bowls, one for Kloe and one for Trissa, and set them on the counter. I grab the cereal, and start to pour it into the bowls, when I realize something. It’s way too light. I shake the box. No noise comes from inside. Looking inside, I curse. There is absolutely nothing in there. I’m not even going to tell you who did this. I think you should know by now.


The End

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