Family Business

All of his life Mark Edstone has lived by his father's regime. He has been sent to the best schools in Europe and has been taught by the best teachers in the world so that he can successfully take over the family business. But problems arise when Mark decides to leave home one summer in the hopes of a new start in Toronto. While there, he meets the beautiful and opinionated J.C Grace. Unknown to Mark, his father's 'Business' harbors several traitors who do not mind putting a plan together to rui



Here it is; the new school year that I had been anticipating for the last month.

I find myself early on a Monday morning on my campus with the bus I had just vacated leaving a trail of fumes ahead of me. Other students, both young and old, crowd the once empty campus and their faces show a mixture of fear and excitement.

My name is J.C Grace (Johanna Clarissa) and I am a third year Journalism major at a university in Toronto, Ontario. This year I have finally been accepted into a very important, life-altering, writing course that will help me with every aspect of any news event.

"Remember to call me once you get there!" My mother had instructed that morning before I had left on my commute. Her eyes had shown worry over my over-tired face and mute words due to a sleepless night full of excitement for today.

The smell of breakfast is surrounding me and students catch up on their summers with long-lost friends while walking towards their first classes. I pull out my cell-phone, which has definitely seen better days, and I dial 'home'. I then begin my multi-tasking experiment of holding my phone against my ear and shoulder while digging for my schedule in my bag that is loosely hanging from my arm.

"-and you know that the food is expensive right? So eat the lunch I made you." My mom is saying into my ear while I am still trying to find the simple sheet of paper in the bag that probably contains my entire life.

"I know mom and I will. Remember that I will be home around eight so you, dad, and Tim can eat without me."

At this my mom starts into the conversation of how unfortunate it is to have me taking classes so late. I finally find the sheet and the last thing I hear from my mom is, "-so late," before I find myself on the ground, my cell-phone battery-less a few inches away from me and my bag displaying some of my more 'personal' items.

Quickly I grab my personal belongings and start stuffing them back in my bag before grabbing my lifeless phone off of the pavement beside me.

"Watch where you're going, will you?" I breathe out angrily as I stare up at the blushing man that now stands with his hands at his sides, completely surprised at the situation.

"Hello?" I say, trying to ignore his rugged good looks. His blush surprises me and he mumbles an apology--in an English accent none-the-less.

"Erm," he finally says, "Might you know where this class might be?"

Incredulous as I might be with this situation, I give his schedule a glimpse and understanding dawns. "I have that class too."

Relief swells his handsome face and in a very suave accent he thanks the Lord. I tell him which building it is in and I casually walk past him whilst putting my phone back together. As I turn my phone back on I quickly catch a glimpse of myself in the darkened panel and I see my black hair as it frames my delicate face. I see my black rimmed glasses as they sit on my button nose and my lips are pouted in the same expression that I attain when I am annoyed. I also see that the English man is walking quickly to catch up with me.

"Excuse me," I hear him huff as he steadies his jog to a fast walking pace beside me. "But could I possibly join you? I haven't much time until class begins."

I stop suddenly, causing him to stop a few inches away. Hm, slow reflexes I think to myself as I examine him. He has sandy hair that lifts in a cowlick near his forehead and brilliant, aquatic blue eyes. Several freckles frame his high cheekbones and his lips are rosy from the heat. He is wearing a deep forget-me-not blue shirt that goes well with his eyes, and his jeans are the right kind of fitting.

I clear my throat as I realize that my mind has wandered too far and I cock my head to the side. "Where are you from?"

"Manchester." He quickly says, "But I moved here in April so I could get settled and come to school here."

"What is your name?"

"Mark Edstone, and yours?"

"J.C. Grace. What is your major?"


"Do you live on campus?"


"What do you want to be with your degree?"

Here he stands awkwardly, obviously thinking over his answer. "I don't know."

"A teacher?"

"Maybe of sorts."

"‘Of sorts’?"

"It's hard to explain."

"Humor me."

"I'd much rather not."

I look him over again and decide that this will make for an interesting year. "Okay, follow me."


6 Months Later

Turns out this year had taken a turn for the better only a week after I had met Mark because he had asked me to go see a movie with him. He had asked me about my life, my family; my dreams and had kept strangely quiet about his own. Though the secrets were heavy in the air with us I had felt some strange pull in his direction and his attraction to me was obvious. I only knew that his mother calls him periodically, but that he barely hears from his father.

I step out of Mark's sports car and I barely wait for him to drive off. He had offered me a ride and though I had argued that I lived way too far for a normal drive, he waited for me none-the-less outside of my last lecture. He had finally confided in me that much to his parent's dismay he had moved to Canada to follow a dream of a free life. When I had asked him what he had meant he had simply gone quiet and I had been forced to change the topic. He had informed me that he had been to the small city that I live in because of certain business affairs that his father had asked him to check up on, again, this made no sense to me.

His father owned his own business and handled well his affairs, but about his private family life, Mark explained no further, but I had been surprised at his unexpected need to open up to me. He had left me with but a full smile and a goodbye in a slanted English accent.

I am at my door and am reaching into my bag when I hear a bit of noise behind me. I cautiously try to ignore the sound and start digging further for my keys. My fingers wrap themselves around the small metal object and I am putting my hand up to the doorknob when a rustling sounds behind me. I look back, fear throbbing at my heart and see nothing but darkness where Mark's car used to be.

I unlock the door and barely put one foot inside the door when I feel the harsh tug of someone's hand in my hair. The air is taken away from me as I feel someone slide their hand over my mouth, so that my screams are mute. I drop my bag with a loud thump and I start kicking as someone lifts me off of the ground. The corners of my vision start going black before I hear a sour voice near my ear.

"Jonathan's son is going to have a ball when he realizes his little girlfriend isn’t around anymore."

My eyes go wide without seeing and before unconsciousness steals my sight away I remember that Jonathan is the name of Mark's dad and that I am that particular girlfriend that is going to disappear.


The End

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