Family. It meant the only people you could depend on. The only people who would truly love you for you. The people who would support you no matter what you did. That's what it meant, but only in my dreams.

I walked down the crooked street to the house that I had no choice but to call my home. I walked into the raggedy brown door. As always, there was no loving mother to greet me. There was no snack on the counter to soothe my hungry belly. No father to tell  me everything I was doing wrong. No annoying little brother. I was abandoned, lonely.

I guess this was the effect of running away. I was only on the next block from my family, but they didn't know this. I was in the abandoned shack on the corner. Two days ago, when I ran away, I thought that I would see police everywhere looking for me. What I saw was the complete opposite. Nothing but strangers going about their business. No cops. No parents. No family.

I was fed up with staying in this crap of a house. I decided to check and see how my family was doing without me. I casually strolled out and walked in the direction towards my old life. The life I had before I decided to run away. As I got closer and closer I turned around and sighed. What would happen if I just showed back up in their lives after I snuck out my window without letting anybody know?

Three minutes later I found myself at the porch of my ex-best-friend's house. I knocked shyly.

"Hi," she answered quietly.

"Hi," I replied.

"Your family is devastated."


"So was I."

I was speechless so I just hugged her and apologized for all the wrongs that I did. She hugged me back.

"Want me to go with you?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied.

We walked together to my house. She knocked on the door and my father answered. His face had a gnarly beard on it and it his hair was unkempt. I could tell that he had been crying, but probably in private without anyone seeing. The moment he saw me his face lit up with joy that I had never seen before and he called the rest of my family. I knew that everything would be OK from this point on.

The End

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