Needlin' the BusinessMature

Like I said, my uncles held onto the company for me while I went to school. They said that it'd be better fer all of us if they made sure nothin' went south while I did some learnin' to get a good grip on things. Couldn't honestly tell 'em no, who was I? Some nine year old punk who needed a good bit of direction in his life.

Not sayin' I was lost, what's a nine year old to get lost in, anyway?

When I was done it all, they didn't waste no time askin' me 'bout my experiences. Asked me if I'd know what to do if a customer had a discrepancy with our service.

I said, "I'd tell him to take his own damn trash down to the heaps. That'll straighten' him right up!"

They didn't really like the answer so I feel it's a bit trite to have to say I didn't get the company right-a-way.

They made me a garbage boy for a couple months, then manage the trucks and, slowly but surely, I made my way up the ladder to bein' some sorta secretary.

I didn't mind having to do chores for my uncle like that. Ever since my dad had died, he'd been my new father figure. Really enjoyed him even if he didn't talk to me much. Every once in a while I'd ask him what he thought about this and that, and everytime he told me I didn't have to worry about it.

He said I've got a good head on my shoulders and I should use it for business. Said, that with my natural smarts and good mental prepping for solvin' issues I should be the leader of a business. When I'd had silly infatuations with anything that deviated from the plan he'd always and without fail remind me how important it is to my father to be just like him. Family was everything to that man, and it doesn't mean nothin' to him how some crummy garbage hauling company did. All he wanted was that somethin' of his, somethin' that he really got goin' took off and rocketed through the generations.

I was nothin' but proud to be a part of that. I knew that my brother wasn't the smartest guy in the world, and I knew that if I didn't take over this business that no one else will.

So the time came, my uncle got sick, and there I got to step up to bat. I felt like a million bucks, which was funny cause we didn't have anywhere near that much. My uncle's failing health had put the company into a decline, so my first few weeks of booming success finally put us where we needed to be.

Unfortunately for everyone, there was another company on the edge of the forest tryin' to edge in our territory. They said that they were better and cheaper but they didn't dispose of trash the right way, and they weren't too clean about things. They might get your shit for a nickle, but by god will that nickle be spent to smother out the life of some small animal. They pollute, they corrupt, and they ain't got nothin' to do to reform their ways.

So my uncles tell me, the board that's together not the one that was mostly in charge, that the only thing in the world that'll be worse than sellin' my mama's soul to Satan would be to let the company lose to these sick fucks. Those were their words, I'll let you know.

I vowed to 'em, jus' like I vowed to my daddy's grave, nothin' bad would ever happen to this company. Nothin' could take this company's legacy away from what my dear ol' pop had in store. It was his dyin' wish, his last memory and by god would I give it to him.

The End

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